Saturday, June 27, 2009

Obama Eligibility Issue Now In Court, Also Under Indictment by Grand Jury

“For nothing is hid that shall not be made manifest, nor anything secret that shall not be known and come to light.”
Luke 8:17

Yes, it is
. It's for real.

In court...

Kerchner et al V Obama & Congress et al

(...) We all know that we have seen months of stalling from the defendants. We fully expected this dismissal motion which Obama has previously used when he was a mere candidate. The difference now is that Obama is the putative President and not simply a candidate with a 1st Amendment right to run for political office. As the putative President, Obama must show that he is qualified under Article II of our Constitution. We also know that Congress failed to exercise its Constitutional duty to properly vet Obama prior to confirming him as President at the Joint Session. The motion return date is July 20, 2009. (...)


"Plaintiffs' complaint raises significant issues necessitating that the named defendants engage competent counsel to represent their interests. Given the high ranking positions of the defendants, the decision as to who will represent them in this case is not simple and straightforward," the judge said.

But as soon as attorneys are lined up, "the case will proceed expeditiously," he said.


"This is really strange," said the attorney, noting that judges typically do not accept or even acknowledge public commentary on cases that are pending before them.

"The point is the letters are there in the docket," he said.

The question of Obama's eligibility is now in court. There IS a case, and the judge has directed Obama to line up counsel therefor.

It's happening.

It's going ahead.

The Obama eligibility issue is, as they say, "before the courts".

Obama now has something to sweat about. And so do his puppetmasters.

But don't expect the Big Media to tell the People. They won't dare anger their masters by making it known to the People. Shhh! Hush-hush!

Anyone who denies the plain, undeniable, blatantly obvious truth of the matter just because they haven't heard about it in the Big Old Media... are in a state of blissful ignorance of reality.

It's obvious to me because I've seen NO evidence that Obama was properly vetted. McCain was properly vetted, whereas Congress didn't vet Obama at all.

And we have NOT seen Obama's birth certificate. The Obamites only released a copy of a different kind of document, a "Certification of Live Birth", which is issued, and indicates Hawaii registration, even in the case of a foreign birth, and therefore CANNOT be considered as evidence of actual, physical place of birth.

I know that people have been conditioned by the Big Old Media's silence on the whole thing to believe that it's all a non-issue, that it was, of course, settled and taken care of. But the fact is that it hasn't been. No one has demonstrated otherwise. Folks who want the question to go away, rather than proving it's already settled properly, engage in a campaign of ridicule and of de-credibilization, using the silly smear word "birthers" and accusing those who dare to ask the question of being "conspiracy theorists".

Well, only proof can settle the issue. And there hasn't been any proof provided by the defendant, Obama, nor by Congress.

And now it's in court, in a real case.

If it had been proven that Obama has indeed been properly vetted according to the Constitution's requirements, then such proof would have already been furnished to the judge, who would then have dismissed the lawsuit. But obviously there is no proof of vetting, so the case is going to trial.

Yes. Obama is on trial. To determine whether he's, under Constitutional rules, legitimately the President.

Next step will be to see on July 20th whether the judge will be impressed with Obama's Motion to Dismiss based on the standard refrain of "they don't have standing to do this".

As far as I'm concerned, any American citizen "has standing", and the judge certainly can say the same.

And that's not the only serious thing happening.

The Steady Drip brings to us the fact that a Texas Grand Jury is now investigating the possibility of fraud and treason having been commited by Obama re. his eligibility to be President.

UPDATE: Actually, I'm now aware that the Lone Star Grand Jury has actually already INDICTED Obama for fraud and treason.

Barack Obama, aka: Barry Soetoro and Barack Hussein Obama was indicted by the Lone Star Jury of Texas on two counts: Fraud and Treason. It is now up to court system in the State Texas to formally prosecute our “presumed” President.

Documentary proof of Grand Jury Presentment (Indictment)

In the comments, in response to skeptical commentor "Balbulican", I've posted links for y'all to understand, in a nutshell, what is a "Grand Jury".

In short, it's the "Fourth Branch of Government", but isn't actually government, but rather a civilian body acting independently to gather evidence as to whether there has been a crime commited, including by a public official (the President obviously counts). If a Grand Jury feels that there is sufficient evidence for an "presentment" (indictment), then it makes such presentment to the court.

The Grand Jury is a RIGHT guaranteed under the Fifth Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

See also: What is a Grand Jury?

The grand jury system, an institution of English-speaking countries, was established in the US by the fifth amendment to the Constitution. It is a codified practice of Anglo-Saxon or Norman (depending upon your expert) common law. "The grand jury is supposed to function as a body of neighbors who aid the state in bringing criminals to justice while protecting the innocent from unjust accusation," according to Consumer Law.

Read it all.

Here's more information. This link is to a resource site for legal professionals, called "Find Law".

Here's a little taste:

(...)Its adoption in our Constitution as the sole method for preferring charges in serious criminal cases shows the high place it held as an instrument of justice. And in this country as in England of old the grand jury has convened as a body of laymen, free from technical rules, acting in secret, pledged to indict no one because of prejudice and to free no one because of special favor.'' 3

[Footnote 3] Costello v. United States, 350 U.S. 359, 362 (1956). ''The grand jury is an integral part of our constitutional heritage which was brought to this country with the common law. The Framers, most of them trained in the English law and traditions, accepted the grand jury as a basic guarantee of individual liberty; notwithstanding periodic criticism, much of which is superficial, overlooking relevant history, the grand jury continues to function as a barrier to reckless or unfounded charges . . . . Its historic office has been to provide a shield against arbitrary or oppressive action, by insuring that serious criminal accusations will be brought only upon the considered judgment of a representative body of citizens acting under oath and under judicial instruction and guidance.'' United States v. Mandujano, 425 U.S. 564, 571 (1976) (plurality opinion). See id. at 589-91 (Justice Brennan concurring).

I'm honestly, at this point, convinced that, despite the utter lack of any indication thereto in the Big Old Media, that, in fact, a Grand Jury in Texas has indicted Barack Hussein Obama on the charges of fraud and treason.

If I'm wrong, I invite proof as to this. Real proof. If such is provided to my satisfaction, I'll pleasantly consider appropriate modification or retraction with respect to this post.

After all, just because the Big Old Media hasn't said anything about it, doesn't mean that it's not happening.

Reality isn't created by the Big Old Media; it doesn't depend on the Big Old Media to play god to deem that which is and isn't real.