Monday, June 22, 2009

Old Media Cartel Headed By Dem Donor Says No Questioning Obama

"(...) it is not moral. It is not right. It is not ethical. It is not in the spirit of a vigorous and free and independent media. These guys are looking for favors from government. The press is supposed to be watchdogging government."

-Joseph Farrah

Story here.

"What was strange about this, from my perspective, was that no one – not even me – questioned CBS' right to reject the campaign," said Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND and the initiator of billboard effort. "We simply reported the fact that this giant media conglomerate, that Rush Limbaugh would probably characterize as part of the 'state-run media,' was doing what we have witnessed the Big Media do over and over again – protect Obama at all costs."

Since OAAA's job is lobbying for influence in Washington and negotiating the hurdles of a heavily regulated industry, it is understandable, Farah says, that it jumped to the defense of the president.

"Something tells me this eligibility campaign really struck a nerve in Washington at the headquarters of the OAAA," said Farah. "Keep in mind, this organization has not yet commented on the hullabaloo over the Calvin Klein billboard in New York City. As far as I know, the OAAA did nothing to prevent that tasteless and immoral outdoor advertising from being shown to millions. The OAAA has been silent about campaigns supported by its members questioning the very existence of God. Yet, ask a question about Obama's birth certificate and you suddenly represent a threat to all that is good decent."
Emphasis mine.
"STFU, Sentinel, you Canuck infidel dog!"

Funny how the billboard folks will run Obama's "Yes We Can" slogan but not "Where's The Birth Certificate?".

Funny also how they justify it, conveniently, like a left-wing activist judge (like Obama's handpicked radical extremist for the SCOTUS, Sonia Sotomayor) pulling an excuse out of a hat.



Oh, that guy up there, to the right, with his mouth open and fist raised?

That's the infamous Islamic Rage Boy. Yep, click for the full story/expose. Saw him once on a newscast, screaming in the background, on Global National.

Here he is, smiling, below. Surprise!!!

You might've caught him in the comments of, under the moniker "MoBlows". I'd prefer to call him "Mr. Poopypants".

See? These guys are yanking our chain, playing the mythical "Arab Street" on TV, bullshitting us into thinking that Muslims are angry about stuff. Betcha a younger Obama, as a bullshitmongering community organizer, must've met him!

Maybe Mr. Shakeel is part of the Vast, Left-Wing Conspiracy (Islamic Division)... Heh!

Oops, did I digress? Oh, well, hope ya enjoyed the digression... couldn't help myself...