Friday, June 19, 2009

'Scary' Ignatieff Actually A Wimp Like Dion
Same difference? Wimps Stephane Dion, right, and Michael Ignatieff, left.
They both threatened to topple Stephen Harper but chickened out at the last minute.
If they can't stand up to their own domestic opponents, how can they be expected to stand up to the likes of Kim Jung Il, the Iranian Clerics, Vladimir Putin, the Red Chinese, etc.?
Wimps. Pussies. Liberals. Sheesh! All sound but no fury.

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By some accounts, Mr. Ignatieff was so delirious at having wrung a minor concession from Mr. Harper-- the bi-partisan panel to look at changes to the Employment Insurance system the Prime Minister intended to make anyway -- that he completely forgot about the four demands that triggered the showdown in the first place.

It is hardly the first time that the Liberal leader has taken the line of least resistance when the going has gotten tough. On the Iraq war, which he supported, and on the carbon tax, which he pioneered, he simply shifted his position when it became politically expedient to do so.


Mr. Ignatieff seems to prefer to avoid confrontation-- when he attended a meeting of Canadian Labour Congress members, who were hostile to his support for the Conservative budget, he promised to oppose the next one; when he met with President Barack Obama, he seemed to suggest that a future Liberal government may be open to extending Canada's military commitment to Afghanistan; when six Newfoundland and Labrador MPs threatened to break party ranks and vote against the budget, he granted them a "one-time pass."


"If you mess with me, I'll mess with you until I'm done," he warned Mr. Harper, to the great delight of the Conservatives, who saw the confrontation as an opportunity to test the Liberal leader's mettle. Mr. Harper suspected that Mr. Ignatieff was not ready to fight and called his bluff, at which point the Liberal leader folded like a cheap suit.

Just like Miss Stephanie. A wimp, too.

But at least he's scarier, not that the Conservatives are scared of him. And I don't think that those who aren't scared of Obama's strong "warnings" would be scared of Iggy, either.

He's better off focussing on stowing the Party's puffin poop.