Friday, June 26, 2009

Obamites Got Atlanta Tea Party Event Axed

Story here.

Emphasis mine.

"With just a few days left until the Fourth of July Tea Parties begin, this is very unfortunate timing! One wonders why Simon Property Group waited until now to interfere."

But he also connected the dots for those who really wonder:

  1. Gwinnett Place Mall shut down the Atlanta Tea Party.
  2. Simon Property Group owns Gwinnett Place Mall.
  3. Melvin Simon (a Forbes 400 billionaire) is co-chairman of Simon Property Group, Inc.
  4. Melvin Simon has provided large political contributions to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Al Franken, John Edwards, the DNC and many other Democrats and Democrat organizations.
  5. Melvin Simon was a major contributor to Barack Obama's inaugural committee and has given at least $1 million to the William J. Clinton foundation.
  6. Melvin's wife, Bren, personally donated almost $100,000 to various political candidates, was a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton's presidential bid and contributed to President Obama's inaugural committee.
Interesting links to the Democrats and Obama.

The timing is suspicious, to say the least. Did the Obamites deliberately wait until so late before the event to twist arms? Yes, I know what mall management claims, that they "weren't advised" until just recently, but that wouldn't be mall management's fault, would it? One would have to blame the Obamites who waited so long to say something.

I hope the Atlanta Tea Party still goes ahead. There's no reason why it can't. After all, the Constitution guarantees Americans the right to assemble, to protest, to speak freely. If they're to be denied any and all opportunities to have their assembly, especially on July 4th, well, what does that mean?

Of course, they can find some alternative means. Surely they can gather somewhere and do what the Left, the GLBTs and the Islamists get to do all the time.