Sunday, June 14, 2009

Libs Talk Tough On Election Question, But...

...really, I can predict, with better credibility than the global warmists's predictions have proven to have, that they'll support the government's agenda... again.

They know that a couple of good poll results don't indicate jack crap.

"All options open".

Where have we heard that before?

Like when Dubya said all options are open on the Iranian question?

Like the Obama Regime claims that all options are open on the North Korea question?

Yeah, sure. Talk big, walk softly, but keep your stick where the sun don't shine!

Par for the course. Lookit... the Liberals will pussy out. If they have any smarts left over.

Which many don't (like Warren Kinsella, whose brain appears to have shrivelled and dried up from chronic lack of use). Hell, he even thinks HRC Commissar, the infamous Liberal Fascist, Little Miss Jackboots, Jennifer Lynch is a "conservative" just because he says she's a "Progressive Conservative" (well, so is Joe Clark, and he's infamously no conservative at all). He even thinks his own wife is a conservative just 'cause she once worked for Brian Mulroney. Problem is that no conservative would be caught dead being married to the Pauper of Dimness, to the Poop from Heck, to Iggy's Unhinged Attack Clown... Come to think of it, maybe there's no Mrs. Kinsella, 'cause we've never seen her. Maybe she's a figment of Warren's overactive imagination, like the Nazis in the bathroom... The Missus sounds just like Mrs. Columbo, who's never been seen, either...

But I digress to take a fun little shot at that silly little poophead. Just 'cause he keeps on inviting the derision.

There will be NO summer election. Unless the stupid Liberals incorrectly assume that the NDP and the Bloc will vote for the government's agenda, 'cause their own polling numbers are in the pooper at the moment...

That's the Sentinel's prediction. You can link to it.