Monday, June 15, 2009

Romney Challenges Obama Over Fake Iran Election

Story here.

“What has occurred is that the election is a fraud, the results are inaccurate, and you’re seeing a brutal repression of the people as they protest,” he told ABC News. “The president ought to come out and state exactly those words – indicate that this has been a terribly managed decision by the autocratic regime in Iran.”


“It’s very clear that the president’s policies of going around the world and apologizing for America aren’t working.”

If anyone needs to apologize, it's the Muslim world. And certainly Iran, for its promise, through mouthpiece-of-the-Mullahs Ahmadinejad, to go around destroying other countries and the "Anglo-Saxon world".

Obama's very telling silence stands in stark contrast to the words of former President George W. Bush, who condemned the obviously fake election of Ahmadinejad back in 2005:

“Today Iran is ruled by men who suppress liberty at home and spread terror across the world,” he said. “Power is in the hands of an unelected few who have retained power through an electoral process that ignores the basic requirements of democracy.”
Bush said the U.S. believed in the right of Iranians to make their own decisions and determine their own future. But, he added, echoing a remark made in his State of the Union earlier that year: “As you stand for your own liberty, the people of America stand with you.”

It seems to me that the Obama Regime stands, rather, with the Mullahs.

And it's apparent that Obama isn't even half the President that Bush was. At least Bush used his balls for the right reasons most of the time (Obama mostly uses his balls to suffocate domestic dissent and ram unconstitutional legislation down Americans' throats against their will).

Which shouldn't come as a surprise, as Obama is a fake, fraudulent, unconstitutional, apparently foreign-born "President" who himself was born a Muslim and who appears to have pretended to be a Christian merely for electoral optics, to get votes (since being elected, he stopped going to Church, preferring the gym and late-night White House booze parties instead).

Besides, Obama's own election wasn't entirely fair, as his people control most of the press and propaganda, plus there has been rampant vote fraud via the neocommunist criminal organization ACORN.