Monday, June 15, 2009

Hamas Projecting Racism Onto Victim Israel
Above: A selection of typical non-racist, non-intolerant, peaceful Hamas folks. I think they've got the outfits a bit incorrect. The robes should be longer and the hoods should rise to a point at the top, like, you know, they do on with the hoods worn by the Ku Klux Klan, which was founded by the very party ("Democratic") represented by U.S. "President" Barack Hussein Obama, who sides with the likes of Hamas over Israel. And don't forget that B. Hussein Obama wasn't just born a Muslim, but he also willingly attended racist, anti-Semitic sermons for twenty years. One must also ask what's up with the crappy footwear of those ghost-costume-wearing racists in the picture... with all the billions of dollars being given by the world to Hamas, how the hell can't they afford decent combat footwear for their disposable minions? What the hell are they doing with those billions of bucks... oh, yes... acquiring bombs and weapons of mass destruction!

The Hamas propagandists are following a classic move from the unwritten Leftist propaganda handbook.

They're calling a victim of racism "racist".

Big surprise.

I mean, is there anyone with open eyes and a fully-functioning brain who doesn't think that Hamas is racist?

Hamas is a hate group founded on anti-Semitism, on Judeophobia.

They're totally projecting. They're the racists, Hamas, and they're hurling the "racist" accusation at Israel so as to avoid having a serious discussion about the road to peace, something they don't want anyway.

Israel's position is perfectly correct. The "Palestinians" should be accepting it if they're serious about peace. And about having a state of their own, which they obviously, historically, couldn't care less about pursuing, one knows from decades of observing their behavior in doing everything possible to prevent statehood from happening.

Hamas also labels Netanyahu "extremist". Oh, here we go again. The Left is always calling anyone who disagrees with them "extremist". Hell, the Obama Regime in Washington calls everyone who disagrees with it "extremist".

Besides, what is Hamas, if not extremist itself? Who are they to go around calling people extremist? Again they're projecting. Classic Leftist diversionary propaganda tactic.

If Hamas is to be considered as speaking for "Palestininas", and the Old Media treats them as if it is, then one must conclude that the "Palestinians" have no interest in peace under any circumstances.

They just want to remain armed so they can keep trying to "push Israel into the sea".

They don't want to negotiate unless negotiation means that their demands will be fulfilled 100% and Israel capitulates wholly. That's not negotiation.

There's nothing unreasonable with Netanyahu's position. Nothing unreasonable at all. Of course the "Palestinians" can have a state this way. Why won't they proceed? Obviously their raison d'etre isn't statehood, but the destruction of Israel, and this is why they're rejecting any peace process negotiations.

The intransigence of the "Palestinians" will prove their ultimate undoing. The myth of "Palestine" as propagated in the Old Media to this day cannot endure, for the truth is already out there and becoming more and more known.

How pathetic. Hamas going around acting like Leftist demagogues, calling those who disagree with them "racist" and "extremist". Sheesh! What's next, they're gonna call Bibi Netanyahu a "teabagging redneck"?

They sound like that Yankee nutjob Janeane Garofalo, by the way.