Monday, June 29, 2009

Expert: Obama Must 'Bring Down' Iran Regime

Story here.

"They've said as soon as they get a nuclear weapon they're going to test it on Israel, so that's a pretty big threat," Ledeen said, adding, "I expect the Israelis to eventually attack the Iranian nuclear facilities if the rest of the world doesn't find some other way to do it. Whether they will bomb it or not, I can't tell. There are a lot of ways to do it."


"They've killed hundreds by now, and thousands of people are in prison. It does seem like the people are so furious, so angry, both with the electoral fraud and now with the repression, that it's hard to imagine this going away any time in the near future.


"Support the Iranian people. Say publicly that all these people have not died in vain and that Iran must be free, and then support them. Bring down the Iranian regime."


"He hasn't done anything to help the Iranian people. He's been dragged kicking and screaming to the point where he's finally condemned the repression, but that's it."

Of course, we must realize that if we wait until Iran acquires a nuclear-armed warhead and "tests" it on Israel, she will, if she hasn't taken out Iran's nuclear and military capabilities, indubitably retaliate with absolutely equivalent force, and, after that, who knows? Like, hey, Barry-O, damned if ya do, damned if ya don't, man!

Perhaps it's better to take out Iran's offensive capabilities pre-emptively.

Obama has the power to do it.

But know what?

I speculate that, as we speak, his people are already developing plans to invade Honduras to remove the military coup-installed President there. Much easier than taking on Iran; pick on the little weakling instead. And say you're too busy restoring democracy there to worry about Iran. Or something like that. Some kind of diversion, Obama must be seeking. And Honduras is opportunity knocking. Don't expect the Left and the Big Old Media to oppose Obama starting a war against Honduras. After all, it's not bad when the Left starts wars. It's not bad when the Left commits coups against governments. And isn't it lovely that the socialist Obama is on the same side as the socialist Fidel Castro (Hey, didn't that guy come to power illegitimately via a military coup or something? What a hypocrite Castro is to denounce the Honduran coup!) and the socialist Hugo Chavez?

Of course, I know nothing about the political situation in Honduras. But I bet that the guy who was removed via coup was a socialist. Hence the anger amongst socialists...