Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Obama Lied About Number of Uninsured


The Obama Regime
included 10 million non-Americans as "uninsured" for medical care in claiming the number 46 million.

Of course, those left-wing extremists want to consider non-Americans, including illegal aliens, as equivalent to Americans for any and all purposes, no matter how much it will cost the taxpayers and no matter how much it will worsen the rationing problem and lenghten the waiting lines and times if Obama gets his way and imposes Canadian/Cuban/North Korean-style medical care upon America.

Speaking on June 11 in Green Bay, President Obama said the fact that there are “46 million uninsured” demonstrates that the “free market fails.”

Exaggerating his Big Lie, I see. Of course. Then again, he's just parroting what the TOTUS is telling him to say, not that he necessarily has any idea what he's saying, for his job really is to simply say it and make it sound smooth, suave and sophisticated, probably pretending he's James Bond or something. Man, this Obama dude, he's living the ultimate fantasy life, ain't he? Poor guy, just wait'll he's no longer President... I just hope he doesn't get all Michael Jacksony or something, changing his gender, his color and having his nose chopped off, etc...

And the fact that he says, as if it's a given, "free market fails", is proof positive that he's parroting the words of neocommunists behind the curtain feeding them to him via the TOTUS. See, he's a puppet of neo-commies!

“What we're trying to explain is, is that all we’re trying to make sure of is that there is an option out there for people where the public--where the free market fails,” said Obama. “And we’ve got to admit that the free market has not worked perfectly when it comes to health care, because you've got a lot of people who are really getting hurt: 46 million uninsured.”

Again the hyperinflated number. And saying that the free market isn't perfect, well, that's really not a valid excuse to impose communistic medical care.

After all, the communist version of medical care is deadly and worse for everyone. What the "progressive" movement wants to do is to spread the misery and suffering more evenly so as to make it more "equitable". Oh, how nice... making everyone suffer equally and making more people die as a result, cause the communist system, unable to match supply to demand, and unable to help many critically ill and wounded folks when they urgently need it, killing more people because sometimes time is of the essence, and if not diagnosed and/or treated immediately or at least early enough, problems will prove fatal. And I'm not just saying this- I know this, for I've seen it, with my own eyes, in person, and can't deny what I've seen. The communist-style medical care system is a killer. And if it doesn't kill you, it will torture you, as it doesn't care how much excruciating pain you may suffer for however long, nor does it care that your condition may render you unable to work, nor to live a normal life, for you must wait months and months, hell, maybe even years in extreme cases, for treatment, because, unfortunately, that's the nature of communist medicine.


Communist medicine isn't just torturous and deadly. It can also rob you of your dignity. It can destroy your quality of life. And there's nothing you can do about it, except if you've enough money or credit to leave the country to get the diagnosis and/or treatment you need when you need it. No wonder many Canadians, rather than suffering or dying in Canada, go to America to preserve their quality of life and even save their lives, even though it'll cost a lot of money. Hey, you only got one life, and, as your health is your wealth, so what if you've got to move out of your monster house into a little apartment, or buy a Kia Rio instead of a Mercedes G-Class military-style SUV to be able to afford your health? So what if you've got to take out a loan (hey, people borrow tens of thousands to go to university, believing it's necessarily going to be worth it) to preserve your dignity, quality of life, maybe even save your life whereas you may die in your own country otherwise?

If Obama gets his way, where will Americans go? Canada? Obviously not. Mexico? Overseas? For their health care when they face months and months of unnecessary torture and loss of dignity, or when they face probable death if they depend on the undependable communist system imposed by that neo-commie puppet bastard Obama?


The Obama approach is too extreme, and I don't trust these Leftists when they issue the standard, soothing, unbelievable but believed anyway, reassurances, for I know how they lie. They lied to get Obama elected, after all, didn't they? Yes, you know it, pal; they lied, and they're lying again! They don't want to make the medical system work better; they want to make it work according to neocommunist dogma! It will become worse for everyone instead of better for everyone!

What proof is there that the Obama plan wouldn't create a system like that of Canada, Cuba and North Korea? Smooth talk from The Owe isn't proof. The guy's just a parrot repeating the lies given to him by the mean-spirited old rich guys behind the curtain.