Sunday, June 07, 2009

Latest Info Re Obama Eligibility To Be President

Sorry, Obama, but no matter what you and your people do, the issue simply isn't going to go away, because it's too important to too many Americans who know that you have not demonstrated that you are eligible under the Constitution to be President. They simply know.

And your extreme, extraordinary efforts to keep the whole thing quiet, to hide the truth about your actual place of birth, which your grandmother has already said to be Kenya, only makes them more determined to keep applying the pressure.

Listen, Obama, all you have to do to make it go away is to simply pick up the phone, call Hawaii and order them to release your original, "long-form" birth certificate.

The e-copy of the "certification of live birth" is NOT evidence of where you were actually born, and people know that it's just where your birth was registered, like those of others who were born in foreign countries and wanted the births registered in Hawaii. Registering one's birth in Hawaii in 1961 didn't mean that one was actually born in Hawaii, and you know this and we know this.

We know the truth.

If you don't show the People your birth certificate, then they will not consider you their President at all. They will consider you an impostor, a fraud, a criminal commiting high treason. An extremely, extraordinarily serious crime.

All you have to do is show them your birth certificate, and you and all of your people also know that you have not.

Laughing at people who ask the question isn't going to make any impression on them, as they know you're stonewalling, stalling, buying time until you can do whatever you have planned.

Folks, I predict that the Soros-Obama Regime will do whatever it takes to keep the truth a secret. No way are they going to ever tell the truth, let alone tell Hawaii to let Americans see what the real Birth Certificate says about the actual country in which Barry Soetoro (Obama) was born.