Sunday, June 07, 2009

Obama Eyes Taxing The 'Rich'

I see.

He's trying to drive 'em out of America... to Canada.

Well, our doors are open!

Don't like socialism?

Come to Canada to escape it!

Real smart, eh? Punishing the wealthy Americans who helped put people to work without tax dollars or deficit spending.

Then the wealthy Americans take ALL their money away from America... to Canada.

So what will the Obama Regime do for money, then? Raise taxes on the poor?

Oh, and here's another failure of the "stimulus/bailout" nonsense.

Hey, I thought those guys said that "yes, they could"???

Apparently, no, they can't!!!!

The Russians will be laughing harder the longer this Regime is in power.

One Big Ass Mistake America.


ht: Drudge