Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thousand Chinese Storm Commie HQ Building

Story here.

More and more and more these days, the Chinese People are becoming ever-more fed-up, frustrated and angry at the ruling Communist Party.

Just recently, a thousand citizens descended on a Communist Party building...

Who can blame them? The Communists have been taking their land and destroying their houses... just because they want to, for whatever purposes that suit them.

Who do the Communists think they are, taking whatever they want from whomever?

Obviously the Communists' days are numbered.

The unrest isn't obvious, but it's there, and it's already massive and growing... fast.

Pity the mainstream media of the Free World, as they're missing out on what's going on in China. There's so much big news to report, yet the big-money media could care less for some reason. They don't see it coming... so they're going to look stupid when it (the implosion of the Communist Party) happens. I, however, won't look stupid.