Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hard-Left Parties Plotting To Overthrow Govt, Take Power Themselves

Above: The leaders of the Hard-Left parties (Liberal, NDP, Bloc) in the Canadian Parliament plot to overthrow the duly elected government just weeks following the election they claimed they accepted
Above: The Liberal and NDP leaders in discussions with their revolutionaries as to who will lead the new Hard-Left coalition. Probably also discussing what to do with those who oppose their coup d'etat.

Story here. You need to read it to get the background.

ht: National Newswatch

From a memo to government MPs:

"As you are aware, the opposition parties are currently discussing a plan to topple our government and replace it with a Liberal-NDP-Bloc coalition," Harper's chief of staff, Guy Giorno, wrote in an e-mail - obtained by Canwest News Service - to Conservative MPs.

"While we believe such an arrangement would be an affront to the democratic will of Canadians, when they afforded us a strengthened mandate on October 14th, we must nonetheless take this threat very seriously."

As for the Hard-Left revolutionaries:

Lavigne said New Democrat MPs will also fan out across the country to build support for a coalition government.

"This is a discussion that is now not merely taking place in Parliament. It's a discussion that's taking place in the coffee shops, on the shop floors right across the country. We'll be building support for the efforts in the coming days, and we'll be doing it in every corner of the country."

See? They're going to go around drumming up support for their Castro-Guevara-style Communist revolution, saying to fellow travellers and useful idiots on "shop floors" (notice the old-style worker orientation in the language... "shop floors"... ah... a National Socialist Workers' coup d'etat!) that now is the time to come to the aid of the (Communist) party". They're going to enlist soldiers in their revolution. The community organizers will be working around the clock to round up mentally-disordered youth wearing Che Guevara t-shirts to parade around shouting revolutionary slogans and burn the Prime Minister in effigy. They'll probably attack police, as there's a precedent for such unruly insurgents to do so in Canada.

The Cold, Hard Leftists in Canada must be excited at this planned coup d'etat to overthrow the duly elected government of Canada on the ridiculous grounds that the Leftist parties are "dissatisfied" with the Conservatives' economic management, disappointed that they aren't playing follow-the-rest-of-the-world-into-crippling-new-debtload via quick-fix, band-aid bailouts of probably-dying-anyway domestic industries.

The irony of, for one, the NDP, demanding we just give billions to the big corporations when they've consistently railed against doing so in the past... is staggering. All of a sudden they realize that big corporations provide jobs, jobs, jobs... just recently the NDP didn't want big corporations to even have tax breaks so as to enable them to not lay off workers or to even hire more... who can believe anything the NDP ever says? Talk about convenient flipflops!

The Left now wants Canada to copy the "marching-in-lockstep-with-Bush" world, suddenly wants PM Harper to do exactly what Bush is doing, to "march in lockstep with Bush"... after falsely accusing him of having been doing so, as if doing so was necessarily bad (apparently they don't really think so after all!), not do what's appropriate for Canada, who actually, we know full well, isn't as badly off as the rest of the world, and which the Left wants it to be, so they can force communism onto Canada in a revolution apparently opposed by the Canadian People. They plan to impose whatever they want... they're going to usher in a frightening new era of high taxation and corporate welfare. They're going to screw up our economy for decades to come, rather than fix it, not that it's broken, except for the need for the "Big Three" domestics to engage in radical restructuring for now and for the future so that they can become long-run going concerns, competing as equals, finally, with the foreign automotive marques. Of course, the autoworkers don't want to give up the rich pay and perks they currently have and which make it too expensive for the Big Three to continue to operate at all. Sorry, but the Big Three are crippled by labor costs so much higher than those of the Japanese, the Koreans, and others in the automotive industry. No wonder they were in worse-than-ever dire straits financially long before the economic downturn even started to rear its ugly head! The solution: raise taxes, borrow billions.... and throw it at the dying Big Three just to preserve those overpaid autoworker jobs a little bit longer. If this happens, we'll soon enough see the Big Three shut down anyway, or be acquired by the foreign marques or by the Middle Easter oil sheiks or by the Chinese or the Russians... ah! Is this their hidden agenda? Who knows? Can't trust the Hard Left anyway, 'cause they lie as naturally and automatically as fish gulp water!

Look, I've been warning for years now that the Left had a hidden agenda to do something big and dangerous.

Now it appears that I'm about to be proven right...

Sure, they say they can do it Constitutionally; true enough...

But, really, their reasoning is piss-poor like never before. They have no need to do this. Besides, the thing that originally got them up in arms, the proposal to end political party taxpayer subsidies and force them to raise funds the hard way, from their own supporters, has been withdrawn. Neverhtheless, they say they're going to overthrow the government just because they disagree with its plans to carefully, wisely, prudently, unrashly steer Canada through and out of a recession.

Just watch the Left. They're going to take power away from the duly elected government and then proceed to turn Canada into a direction so Hard-Left as to make the Trudeau era look like a moderate one. Oh, yep... what a novel new way to pour gasoline onto the flickering flame of Western Alienation and Separatism...

Former Hard-Left Liberal PM Trudeau with revolutionary usurper Castro: Was this meeting an early indicator of the true ideology of the Hard-Left Liberal Party, along with the NDP and Bloc?

This is frightening. Do they have plans to murder millions of Canadians also? Who knows? One thing is for sure: Their ideology has precedents for such a program... remember the National Socialists of the Third Reich and the millions they murdered? The Communist revolution in Russia, with Lenin and Stalin and the millions upon millions of murders? The Iraqi Baathist regime of Saddam Hussein? The Maoist regime of China? The Islamist takeover of Iran? The list goes on...

What is the true agenda of the Hard-Left Liberals, NDP and Bloc? Who knows? They'll never tell us the whole truth about their plans for us.

The Left totally stinks! I predict more people currently on the Left will be shocked into realizing the reality of the Left and leave it in droves... again!

And now... does anyone really think that the Liberal Party isn't.... Leftist?

Nothing "moderate" nor "centrist" about the Liberals now, obviously. They're as Cold, Hard Left as they get!