Friday, November 21, 2008

'General Lee' Spotted!

Someone out there had the right idea of how to spiff up their new Dodge Challenger, which is actually a two-door Charger (the original 'General Lee' of the TV series 'Dukes of Hazzard' was a Charger).

Below: What the original looked like.

Plenty of old stuff is new again lately. Eerily, in some cases, like, for example, "President-Elect" Barack Obama attempting to recreate the Clinton era by appointing ex-Clinton minions to serve under him, no pun intended, if you know what I mean (of course, "President" Obama, that is, IF he proves that he's Constitutionally eligible to be President, by showing us his original birth certificate proving that he was actually physically given birth inside of Hawaii's borders, as he claims, but that's another story, developing as we speak, with the Supreme Court to look into the matter, which is of critical importance, as, if it's discovered later on in an Obama Presidency that he's illegitimate, an usurper, then all laws, treaties, accords, executive orders, etc. that were passed under his administration will be nullified and voided, and this is a frighteningly dangerous potentiality, so Obama's assertion that demands that he should prove his Constitutional eligibility are "garbage" cannot be believed at all, and he should rightly be suspected instead, just as a Republican President-Elect would be, particularly by the Democrats, who then wouldn't think such need to prove is "garbage").

Ok, enough with the politics...

Now back to the subject of the cool cars pictured above... We'll have to brace ourselves for the impending shock that'll make this new 'General Lee' the last of its kind of musclecar, meaning that we may well be seeing the end of the era of the V8 and the advent of the high-output, highly-fuel-efficient V6, I4, hybrids, electrics, more-common turbos, standard direct fuel injection, clean diesels, you name it... Not that there's anything wrong with technological transformation; not at all. After all, you know, I'd note that my car today, a Chevy Cobalt with a 2.2 liter, non-turbo, 16V DOHC four-banger is more powerful and efficient than, say, a 2.2 liter turbo from the early Eighties and more so than quite a few V6s from that era, even some V8s which were choked half to death by emissions equipment. Hell, it's as quick to 60 mph as the '83 Porsche 944...

Automotive technology has come a looooong way in the last, say, twenty years, I've noticed. And I've noticed that hardly anyone has noticed, strangely enough, taking it for granted that cars are way faster and more powerful, plus handle and stop better and get better mileage, than the cars of years past.

Imagine how much further the technology will have come in the next twenty years. Hell, just the next five years will usher in such changes so revolutionary as to not have been seen since the earliest days of the automobile when anything and everything was tried, including even electrics.

Funny how the Great Global Warming-Climate-Change Scam we've been seeing recently will have been the spark of this explosion in automotive technology innovation. At least it'll have transformed the automotive industry for the better, sort of like a forest fire renews a forest. Not to worry; we'll adapt to whatever realities (and Big Lies, too, like the one started by Al Gore!) there are in the world in the future as well as currently. And I see it helping us wean ourselves off imports of Islamist and Russian oil and gas, as dependence on those guys for our energy supply isn't in our interests, economic-/national security-wise, in the first place, obviously, seeing as some Islamic nations would like to see us wiped out or at least Islamized, and Russia is once again behaving like its old Cold War self, threatening us with nukes again and building the Axis Power group's size and strength to try to tower over the Free World, making us cower (and don't forget about Communist China's evil, imperialist agenda)... I hope, however, that we in the Free World don't get stupid this time and delude ourselves into thinking that disarmament, meekness and pacifism in the face of malevolent evil will this time around somehow soothe/appease the evildoers of the Axis... I hope we're not latter-day Chamberlains.