Thursday, November 27, 2008

Islamists Run Murderous Rampage In Mumbai

Above: Bombing of the Taj Mahal Hotel

Below: One of the Islamic terrorists responsible for the cold-blooded murderous rampage

Behold the Religion of Peace in action!

One cannot help but recall the terror attacks just prior to 9/11... nor can one forget that Al Qaeda has advised the world of its imminent attacks on the Free World, which they indicate will be worse than 9/11...

Only fools think that they won't do it again here in North America... that it's only going to happen overseas, not in North America. Why wouldn't the enemy within attempt something massive again in North America? Do we really believe that we're invulnerable, that our authorities have really done their best to round up the known-and-suspected enemy sleepers and put them out of commission and to shut down whatever they find to be facilitatory-of-incitement-to-hate-and-kill-us-innocent-Kaffirs? Only fools dream that we've been made safe and secure. I've proven this over time on this blog, the reality that political correctness as imposed by the Left and the mainstream media, plus our timid governments caving into that juggernaut lobby, have combined to prevent anything approaching a strong move to dismantle the terror-preparatory infrastructure lurking just barely hidden in plain sight, known but strangely grossly underreported, within our Free World nations.

Imagine the above happening in your country.

Imagine the shock of Leftists when it happens. They will not understand. They will lapse into denial, delusion, insanity... they'll again blame it on the victims, unable to accept that a lot of those peaceful Muslims could possibly, because of their "peaceful" religion and its significant proportion of ultra-extreme fundamentalist, radical fascists who preach supremacism, hate, Islamic imperialism and want us dead just because we aren't Muslims, too... Well, what do you expect when we have Wahhabist Saudi-funded Mosques and Madrassas right here in our countries that preach hatred, supremacy, imperialism and murder, thus creating brainwashed terminators such as the young fellow with the Russian-made AK-47 and the gym bags full of grenades? Not to mention terrorist training camps going unchecked by the authorities?

Most don't see it coming, unfortunately, in blissful ignorance, distracted by irrelevant, decadent trivialities... who can blame them? The mainstream media is blissfully ignorant as well and hasn't been doing its job to keep the public informed of the growing threat to their safety and lives.