Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Convenient Poll For the Mainstream Media

A CTV POLL conveniently (and deceptively) serves the mainstream media's interests.

I'd suggest that folks, for the Mumbai Islamic jihad attacks which apparently targeted mostly Westerners and Jews, had plenty of coverage to see in the MSM, for this time the MSM did its job. In this case, the blogs played only a tiny part of the coverage, though they certainly did their job, too.

But don't forget...

When the MSM refuses to cover something of utmost importance, the blogs suddenly take on a massive relevance, highlighting the increasing uselessness of the MSM.

For example, the MSM refuses to tell the People that Barack Obama
has NOT proven his Constitutional eligibility to be President. This following on the heels of the blogs' and non-MSM online newsmedia's comprehensive reporting during the US election on Obama's past history and associations and highlighting his obvious non-fitness to be President, whereas the MSM pretty much treated him like a rock star, mostly without mentioning his many negatives. The MSM actually unfairly and wholly without balance went after McCain and Palin, the Republicans, plus private citizen Joe "the Plumber" Wurzelbacher, like rabid pitbulls on PCP. The Leftward bias of the MSM was exposed like Janet Jackson's bejewelled nipple, Britney's frontal vertical smile, like Billy's infamous Willy in front of Paula Jones... it's out there now; no denying it anymore... even MSMers admit to it!

Another example: The denormalization of the fascist, rights-violating "Human Rights" Commissions/Tribunals in Canada.
In these examples, as in countless more, the MSM didn't provide much coverage; certainly not enough to spread awareness of the issues to the People. The blogs and the non-MSM, mostly-online, newsmedia outlets were all over the issues.

Just for your perspective.
And to provide food for thought. Bon appetit!

Don't let the poll fool you.
Of course most folks didn't turn to the blogosphere for coverage of the Mubmai Massacre by the Muslim Terrorists. This is because the MSM, this time, did its job (Although, after first reporting that an Islamic terrorist organisation claimed responsibility, they're now largely refusing to even mention the fact that the terrorists were Islamists... do you think that if the terrorists were a group hated by the MSM-linked Hard Left, say, Christians, the MSM wouldn't mention it all the damn time???).

When the MSM won't report on important stuff because it wants to cover it up, this is where the blogs and non-MSM online news outlets come in.

Is it any wonder, furthermore, that the MSM is in financial dire straits, is laying off thousands and is facing the possibility of having to shut down its traditional-media
outlets and move operations to the incredibly-less-expensive, relatively-new medium of the internet, whose potential was first recognized and taken advantage of by those who lost their trust in the MSM?