Thursday, November 27, 2008

Organ Harvesting In China: Feature Report In Weekly Standard

The Weekly Standard asks why the world isn't paying attention to the fact that the Chinese Communist Party is commiting crimes against humanity by harvesting organs from live human beings to be sold for millions per person harvested.

ht: The Epoch Times

You know, the Communists have been waging a holocaust against a peaceful minority group in China for years and years now, and the world doesn't want to hear about it, doesn't want to deal with it. So much for "Never Again"...

And the arrogant, ignorant, old-line, big-money mainstream media (MSM) wonders why it's losing its audience and revenue... imagine... failing to care, failing to ask questions, to raise awareness... who'd ever have guessed that the exalted MSM would ever start to lose trust and relevance? Of what possible consequence is reporting on Britney Spears's alleged "comeback" and the back and forth nonsense between Jennifer Aniston and Brangelina? There's more important things to discuss on the "news". Like a holocaust-with-profits happening under our noses.