Friday, November 28, 2008

Hard-Left PC Insanity At Queens U

The other day Carleton University's Student Union had sparked a firestorm of scorn and derision for voting to stop raising funds to fight Cystic Fibrosis because they believed it's a disease only affecting "white men".

Now we have Queens University proposing hiring a special "incorrect thought and speech" gestapo to infiltrate the campus like those undercover Chinese Communist police who spy on Chinese citizens to catch forbidden speech and behavior.

It would be hilarious if it were not so chilling: Queen's University will hire six "facilitators" who will listen in on student conversations, vigilant against incorrect speech. Officially, says the University's website, these incognito "intergroup facilitators," will "respond to, stimulate and invite engagement across difference and tensions that arise among and between groups" in residences. They'll pay special attention to "incidents of bias, prejudice ... harassment and discrimination" and they'll be good at all this, because they will "receive intensive and specialized training in the areas of social-justice theory."

There's a phrase to strike terror into the hearts of the sensible: "social-justice theory." So often, social-justice theoreticians wrap themselves in the unassailable mantle of "justice" as a way to impose their theories on others. The great villains of the last century, and many littler ones, all claimed repeatedly to be agents of social justice. And once you're embarked on such a noble crusade, well, individuals who stand in the way of the historical inevitability of social justice deserve whatever comes to them, don't they?

Fortunately, this nonsense seems likely to be laughed off campus, as it deserves. We'll concede, without having spoken to them, that the academic chiefs of Queens are not plotting to introduce a dictatorship of the proletariat in Victoria Hall. But how can they be so foolish as to try to impose an official throttle on the freedom of speech which is the sine qua non of a university? Surely the money could be better used to hire a professor to study and teach about the iniquitous effects of censorship on society in general and on academia in particular.

Unfortunately, it's actually true that universities have come, effectively, under the control of Hard-Left extremists imposing Hard-Left dogma upon students, believing they're doing a good thing whilst actually depriving students of the opportunity to actually build their ability to think for themselves while learning true facts (and the "true facts" thing is another issue, for the Hard-Left professors who "teach" many, if not the majority, of courses, are so arrogant as to actually push false dogma onto their eager, open-minded, trusting-of-supposedly-knolwedgeable-and-intelligent-"educators", thus abusing their position and their students' trust, all for the sake of the Hard-Left social reengineering, brainwashing of the population, and their delusional belief in what they call "social justice" needing to be imposed because they wrongly believe that it will somehow fix the problems of the world while, in fact, we see the out-of-touch-with-reality, mentally-disordered Hard Left actually creating and worsening them!).

Suggestion to folks who trust those Hard-Left smiley-faced fascists: Open your minds and use them independently; don't just let the bastards tell you what you're supposed to believe or how you're supposed to think about things. Learning to think for oneself isn't easy, but it's crucial to your own survival and to the survival of humanity. Failing to think for itself, one individual at a time, humanity will inevitably end up being misled towards man-made disaster. The 20th Century alone is proof of this- after all, Nazism, Communism and Islamofascism all demonstrated nothing but death and destruction in the pursuit of bizarre, extreme, unworkable ideologies, the exact opposite of the civilization built by the Western World on the foundation of critical, independent, rational thought and understanding of reality.

Take the Hard-Left radicals' claims with a grain of salt. Don't pay attention to their claims that whatever they're imposing on you is supposed to be something desirable like "social justice"... or "inclusiveness", etc... for they use such hard-to-question-without-being-screamed-at-and-called-"intolerant" terminology to intimidate those who dare question their fascistic arrogance and mental disorder. It's like in totalitarian Red China, where everything the Communists have going on, including the complete absence of human rights and rule of law, is perpetuated in the name of "stability". Well, who doesn't want something good-sounding like "stability"? Ditto something nice-and-desirable-sounding like "social justice"? Funny, but in the Free World, the Hard Left effectively, while pretending otherwise, militates against such things whilst looking the other way when their ideological brethren in the Non-Free World murderously crack down on behavior that mirrors that of the Hard Left radical extremists and anarchists in the Free World. Fascinating, isn't it?