Friday, November 28, 2008

Civil Servants Show Entitlist Colors

Doesn't it just piss you off when lucky, privileged folks do this? Personally, I see this all the time: Cool, expensive cars and trucks deliberately, brazenly taking up two parking spaces instead of one, as if it's a "right", which it isn't. Sheesh... some folks think they're entitled to take more than the "common person", that because they're so special and exalted and supposedly "important", they should be entitled to special allowances not available to others. Kinda like the Politburo... And these same folks preach the Leftist dogma of "Social Justice"... yeah, sure... my ass!

They should be happy they have jobs, and good, well-paying jobs with benefits and relative job security.

I personally currently only dream of being in their privileged shoes.

So to see them screaming bloody murder at a temporary suspension of their so-called "right" to strike... I shake my head with a scowl at their arrogance, selfishness and culture of entitlement, wondering whether they realize that they're so much better-off than so many of us already.

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ht: National Newswatch

Gimme a frigging bloody break, eh? Some folks need to learn to count their blessings, especially when everyone faces the same economic downturn and not everyone is so well-insulated from its chilling effects. Sheesh- those big babies who say such grossly exaggerative and wholly-without-perspective things as "atrocious" (Atrocious?! What, is the Canadian government shooting them in the heads or chopping them to pieces alive, burying them up to the shoulders and stoning them or something? Fofecksake! Talk about mental disorder!) with respect to temporary suspension of rich entitlements (entitlements which are over and above all the great stuff they already have which most folks don't have) in what's dubbed by some as The Second Great Depression"... It's surely not my fault that they may have made some stupid past decisions (bought an excessively massive house, a boat, a hot tub or something like that) that today cost them too much money and they desperately want to hold the Canadian federation hostage for ransom... Why can't they deal with their own problems and tighten their belts somewhere, like most folks have to do, and like the government will force those very-well-paid, entitlist-also politicians to do as well? At least the Conservative government is willing to sacrifice as individuals and as a political party to set an example. Why not the entitlist, dependent Left?

...with apologies to those who also work in the civil service but don't agree with unions, striking, entitlements and stuff like that. I know how they feel... been there myself... almost faced the reality of being forced against my will to stop working, lose my pay, and stand around holding up Hard-Left propaganda I don't agree with, surrounded with usually-sane-and-intelligent co-workers who're gone all Mr. and Ms. Hyde right before my eyes, turning into barking moonbats all of a sudden... it can be scary, I know! Peer pressure, mob mentality... and these folks are grown-ups, not confused, excited children!

It's disgusting and embarrassing when you have your union "leaders" saying such outrageous things as they are, such words as "atrocious" and spewing entitlist and phony "rights" rhetoric and carrying on like that in public... you know that they don't represent your views, that they nevertheless expect you to hold the views they promote, just because you work in the same place and were forced against you will to join their special society as an unnecessary, unfair, oppressive condition of having a job... rather like it is in totalitarian, murderously brutal Communist China, where one needs to be a Communist Party member to have the better jobs with all those exclusive entitlements...

Guess what?

It's not a "right" unless everyone has it all the time.