Monday, June 08, 2009

Public Transit Not Necessarily Better Than Monster SUVs

Inconvenient truth for the enviro-extremists and fascists.

It all depends on public-transit seat occupancy. One person taking a bus or a train... would be better advised to drive a Chevy Suburban or Ford Excursion or a Hummer H1 or a fat-assed dualie-wheeled heavy-duty full size pickup or a Lamborghini Countach or an old Rolls-Royce instead. Or perhaps something frankensteiny-scary like this bizarre thing. Because the personal transportation option, for one or just a handful of folks will be less spewy, CO2-wise, than using a big, communal vehicle like a bus or train.

And a lot of other realities.

Like, take electricity. Most of it is produced... how? Windmills? Solar? No, absolutely not. Think coal and nuclear.

So it all depends.

But the enviro-dummies don't want to think about that. They just want to believe.

Wanting to believe isn't any good, folks.

Wanting to believe in flying saucers and aliens and vampires and bigfoot and werewolves and Obama's mythical magic doesn't make it real.

Nor does believing in the Big Lie that we can reduce greenhouse gases by up to 80% by simply using different technologies. Or that the new, different technologies will replace jobs lost by shutting down SUV factories and coal power generation stations.

Because it is NOT PROVEN.