Monday, June 08, 2009

The European Left and Center Have Themselves To Blame

Story here.

Looks like Europeans have been pushed, out of desperation and rejection of the Left's and Center's own extremism and ignorance of the will of the People, into voting for what are sometimes labelled as "far-right" parties.

A couple of these parties sound quite disgusting and scary. Yet they won seats. Why?

Of course, I'd say that the British National Party who only allows "whites" as members is, I find, very extreme, no doubt about it. It disturbs me. I personally wouldn't vote for such a party. But it's, at the same time, not difficult to understand why a lot of people did, considering the extreme policies of the "centre-left" in effectively turning over Europe to radical, supremacist Islam, in other words, allowing Islamization. Millions of Europeans know full well beyond any reasonable doubt that there is indeed something happening called "Islamization" and that the "centre-left" parties who've been in power over the past years have been responsible for such Islamization.

Given this Islamization reality, it doesn't surprise me that a lot of folks who otherwise wouldn't have done so voted for "extreme" parties, because they obviously don't any longer trust any of the parties on the extreme left or even the supposedly-"moderate" "center". And no wonder, as those extreme left/center parties are pretty much wholly submissive to radical, supremacist, imperialist Islam, or, in other words, they're "Dhimmi" (slaves of Muslims). So of course many, many folks, alarmed with this frightening reality, turned to the only parties who promised to stop Islamization, period.

Yes, I know this is evocative of, well, whatever you want to compare it to. But the extreme left/center is at fault from, either deliberately or brainlessly, bringing this about. And they know it. They know they're guilty. And now they'll have to promise to end Islamization, too, and support all efforts to protect Europe from radical, supremacist, imperialist Islam, or else the "right"-wing parties will only keep on becoming more and more popular. It's up to them- smarten up or lose a lot more support.

The LEFT and the CENTER have themselves to blame for the suddenly explosive popularity of "far-right" parties. They had better take this as a wake-up call that they've been too extreme themselves and are already beginning to pay the price in elections.

It's time for the LEFT and CENTER to stop being so extreme, stop allowing the radical, supremacist, imperialist Islamofascists to take over Europe. And to stop being so damned neo-communist as well.

If they don't smarten up, well, whatever consequences ensue will be, according to future historians, their fault for preparing the slippery slope to the unthinkable.

History isn't, after all, without precedent in terms of extreme left-wing fascists leading populations to vote, out of desperation, for charismatic new leaders, some of them with a "hidden agenda". The divisively fascist Weimar Republic of Germany is at fault for planting the seeds of the Third Reich, historians will confirm. Of particular note is the brutal disallowance of freedom of expression. When you shut people up, there are always eventual, significant consequences.

That's just my analysis of what's happening. I don't endorse anything or anyone in particular. Just being objective in the way I see it.

Of course, what happened in the last Presidential election in America with the election of the came-out-of-nowhere-with-a-big-bang man with the ultra-secret-past, protected-by-the-Old-Media, charismatic radical extremist Barack Hussein Obama, is different, and is subject to its own separate examination and analysis.