Monday, June 01, 2009

Desperate Liberals Seek Censorship 'Limits' Amid Blitz of Tory Ads

Showing their true colors again, the Liberals are
. They're following Barack Hussein Obama's fascist lead and seeking to censor "limit" political opposition.

They figure that if they can't compete, they'll demand that non-election freedom of expression by political parties be censored "limited", in violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which they, ironically, have cited to push some un-Charter-like policies of their own in the past.

This doesn't surprise me one little bit. After all, the Liberals are a big fan of the fascistic, unconstitutional, criminal, rights-revoking "Human Rights" Commissions and the unconstitutional Section 13 of the "Human Rights" Act.

Those neocommunists, they're all the same.

It's too bad if the Liberals are unable to raise money from their own tiny membership pool. I suggest that it's because Canadians don't really consider the Liberal Party worthy of support anymore. It's the Liberal Party's own fault, and it shouldn't be trying to shut up other parties who are seen by Canadians as being worthy of support.

The Liberals' desire to limit Canadians' freedom of expression is really a form of censorship in which you're allowed to say a few things and then shut the feck up or else be brownshirted jackbooted persecuted prosecuted.

It's not the Conservatives' fault that the Liberals have made themselves such that Canadians don't care for their party anymore. After all, it's all part of democracy, and political donations from voters is no less an inalienable right as is voting. Therefore, to say a party can only express itself so much in one medium or another is to violate the Charter's guarantee to freedom of expression. There is NO reason to limit such expression.

If the Liberals can't compete, it's because they chose corruption and political correctness over changing their party to be more attractive to regular Canadians.

One needn't feel any empathy nor sympathy for the Liberal Party. They're really just a bunch of corrupt, greedy elitists who seek to limit and revoke our rights.

"Levelling the playing field", as the Liberals call it, has nothing to do with democracy if it restricts inalienable rights. Such a phrase is just deceptive, manipulative, neocommunist forked-tongue-speak.

Besides, actually, with the Conservatives running the ads they're currently running, the playing field is actually now more or less levelled! After all, the Big Media, they're pro-Liberal and anti-Conservative, and there's no question about that. So to limit expression by all parties would again skew the playing field back in favor of the Liberals and hurt the Conservatives!

The Liberals are just full of it. They don't want to play the game the hard way and want to make it easier for themselves and handicap their superior opponents. Typical neocommunist dogma! When they don't want to get their shee-it together the hard way to compete on even footing, they seek to change the rules in their favor. Typical!

And hypocritical. Liberals oppose Senate reform on the grounds that it's "constitutionally impossible", whereas they don't think it's unconstitutional to limit or revoke rights guaranteed by the Constitution Act/Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

"Let's call it what it is. The Liberals just don't want people to hear what their leader has said in the recent past. The advertisements are obviously hurting the Liberal Party and this is just an irrational, hypocritical reaction to the information commercials that the Conservatives are running," Secretary of State for Democratic Reform Steven Fletcher (Charleswood-St. James-Assiniboia, Man.) told The Hill Times last week, in response to Quebec Liberal Senator Dennis Dawson's bill to limit pre-writ political advertising.


Mr. Fletcher said both ad campaigns were simply using the Liberal leaders' own words to show Canadians who they were. He also noted that the bill restricts freedom of speech and "demonstrates Liberal hypocrisy because they had no problem in 2004 launching attack ads against the current Prime Minister."

Despite the fixed election date, Mr. Fletcher said, governments can fall at any time, especially during a minority Parliament. Because of this, political parties "can't campaign during an election," if one party spent close to its limit three months before the election it did not know was coming.