Saturday, September 01, 2007

Wanted Men Surrender, Wait Hours For Arrest, Go Home Frustrated


Story here. h/t:

TWO men wanted by Winnipeg police tried to turn themselves in, but gave up after police kept them waiting for hours.

And these were separate incidents!

Shit... and I thought loooooong emergency room and treatment waiting times were bad enough to have in Canada... now the cops can't make arrests even when suspects are wanted and present themselves at the police station...

What the hell were the cops doing that was more important than arresting wanted suspects? Oh, don't tell me they were being forced against their will to sit on a "pride" parade float like the San Diego firefighters were? Or perhaps they were attending, on direct orders, a CAIR-Can conference, mingling with the likes of Omar Alghabra, Mohammed Elmasry, Tareq Ramadan, etc.?

Hell, maybe they were just lounging around eating donuts and spanking monkeys? Or perhaps there isn't enough police officers to do all the jobs needing doing? Whatever the reason, this is bad, and wholly unacceptable. The City has a lot to answer for, and hopefully they'll make the right corrective moves rather than bullshitting Winnipeggers with lies. Just take money from useless, wasteful, moonbat-demanded nonsense and put it where it's really needed!