Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pledging Purity

...a great way to offend "progressives"

In a "counter-cultural" event, fathers and daughters from across the nation are gathering tomorrow for the annual Father-Daughter Purity Ball in Colorado Springs.

Created in 1998 by Colorado Springs parents Randy and Lisa Wilson, the event has birthed a "purity ball" movement across the nation that has attracted international media attention. Journalists from Britain, Canada, Italy, Finland and Norway will cover Friday's gathering at the Broadmoor Hotel.


The Wilsons have been interviewed on the NBC "Today" show, ABC's "Good Morning America," Headline CNN's "Glenn Beck" show and the "Dr. Phil" show. Feature articles have appeared in Oprah Winfrey's O magazine, Glamour, Marie Claire, The Economist, USA Today and other publications.

The event Friday will include a formal dinner dance, ballet performance, live chamber music, a covenant signing ceremony for fathers, a procession of daughters laying white roses at the foot of a huge wooden cross and ballroom dancing until midnight.

Oh, boy... resistance against "progressive" anarchy! Let the "progressives" scream all they want that they're "offended" and that purity pledges are somehow "hateful" or whatever. Let the left's moonbatty screechery fall upon deaf ears!

Purity is better than catching deadly diseases and getting abortions. But the "progressives", who tend to be obsessed with doing stuff with their genitalia and talking about it all the time, will find this statement "offensive, hateful" and will probably complain to the Human Rights Commission or something to try to silence this blog post, whose intention is to raise awareness that the way of the progressive liberal left isn't mandatory and that there's a better, more righteous way to live.