Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Canadians Increasingly Opposing Islamic Imposition in Society

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Quebeckers are holding meetings to debate what is and what isn't "reasonable accommodation" in their province, including the question of Islam. The debate is, of course, not limited to Quebec, but it appears to be most spirited there from what we can see via media reports so far.

They wanted a "secular" society. But by that, they didn't really intend merely "Catholic symbolism-free" only. Now they're clarifying, including Islamic symbolism in public as well.

At least they're being consistent and not Dhimmi. This is far better than giving in to an imperialist ideology such as Islam which seeks, by its very essence, to impose itself on people and society, including by intimidation and by force if resisted.

She listed several examples from her office, including a heated debate over whether she could decorate her cubicle for Christmas; how a Christmas party was renamed a "season's gathering" even though none of the employees expressed any concern; and the fact that a woman uses the only sink on her floor to wash her feet before daily prayers.

"Those sinks are the same that we might take our water from, that we might rinse our coffee cups from. So to me, it's shocking to wash your feet in the sink. I would hope people would be smart enough to say, 'It's a workplace. Faith and belief are a private matter and I will keep it to myself at home.' But apparently, it's not going both ways. People are expecting to arrive here and still live like they are in Baghdad."


Speaking more generally about Quebec, Ms. Loucheur said government institutions should be wary of sacrificing gender equality in the name of religious accommodation.


Although centred on Quebec, the commission's hearings will likely strike a chord across the country. From municipal councils debating whether to put up a Christmas tree or a holiday tree, to Ontario's debate over public funding for religious schools, such issues are all surfacing at the hearings.

Good signs. Resistance to Islamic imperialism and to its imposition on others.

I was beginning to worry that many Canadians were becoming JudeoChristianophobic while being too afraid to dare to speak out against Islam as well. Now we see heartening evidence that Canadians will not submit, that they will not allow potentially supremacistic/imperialistic outsiders to come in and tell us what we must do and be.

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