Saturday, September 08, 2007

Homopedophiles Allowed To Adopt, Then Rape Young Boys

Has Britain given up completely, surrendering to not only the Islamic fascists, but now also to the grossly immoral sexual extremist criminal movement?
Shocking story
here. Read it for yourself. Here's the basic, frightening plot:

Miss X, as she must be known, had placed her eight-year-old twin boys into foster care in 2004 after finding herself unable to cope with life as a single parent of four boisterous youngsters.

That they had been placed with a gay couple, Craig Faunch and Ian Wathey — the first homosexual couple in Yorkshire to be approved by the authorities as foster parents — was, she told friends, incidental: she was just happy that someone was taking good care of them.

That sentiment changed, however, when she was shown a compromising naked photograph of her son while they were on one of their regular visits home.

The authorities incredibly believed the "gay" couple's "explanation". The criminal photograph disappeared, by the way, and the whole thing was "resolved". Right. Child pornography can be "explained away" as long as the makers thereof are exalted, special, untouchable, protected homosexuals. Gotcha. That's logical and rational. Gotcha. Like hell. Stupid, insane, immoral progressive liberal leftist revolutionary "authorities". So eager to be politically correct and promoting of homosexuality that they cared not a whit about the welfare of the young boys. Now here's what happened later on...

Eighteen months later, in June last year, both Faunch and Wathey were jailed for a total of 11 years after being convicted of a dozen offences relating to four of the boys in their care.

Interestingly, these two disgusting, filthy, depraved monsters, despite being specific about only wanting to foster young boys five to twelve years old and not girls, were allowed, just like that, by moronic leftist state apparatchiks, to go ahead. No alarm bells went off in the morons' heads, apparently. Political correctness insanity once again got in the way.

Let's hope that moral Britons ensure that this sort of thing never happens again.

Too bad these venomous snakes only like young boys. In prison, they're surely going to be "abused" by big, fat, hairy, mean-spirited, selfish grown men, just like, ironically, themselves! Poetic justice!

And how dare they also take selfish, sexual advantage of an autistic boy?! Eleven years in prison isn't enough. When they get out, rest assured they'll reoffend as, after all, these kinds of snakes are usually beyond redemption due to their dogged insistence on being the way they are and not wanting to change. People like these two "men" ought to be incarcerated for the rest of their lives. Of course, the progressive liberal leftist revolutionaries will be more shocked with my opinion about these worthless scumbags than they are with what horrific abuses these "men" committed against helpless, defenceless little boys, including an autistic fourteen-year-old with the mind of a seven-year-old. Oh, wait... I doubt that all progressive liberal leftist revolutionaries would be shocked... after all, these two "men" and many others like them are part of that immoral extremist movement!

Would it be too nasty to imagine these "men" being sent to someplace like Iran or Saudi Arabia or Syria or "Palestine", along with an explanation of what they've done? Careful, leftists, this is a trick question for you guys. So think carefully before taking the bait. Oh, wait... you guys don't think, do you? How about sending them to China, North Korea, Russia, etc.?