Monday, September 03, 2007

Proven: Conservatives Practice What they Preach on Fiscal Conservatism

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Remember how much the fat-pig Liberals wasted at fancy, expensive restaurants all the time (and still do, in Opposition)?

Well, what a big difference there is between Conservatives and Liberals.

The corrupt, crooked, entitlist Liberals tended towards the most expensive of posh eateries and blew our tax dollars with reckless, cavalier, uncaring, selfishly-hedonistic abandon.

In contrast, the current Conservative administration only makes us pay for reasonable meals, such as a visit to McDonalds, etc. And I understand they don't supersize it, either!

It shows one of the fundamental differences between the two parties. Stephane Dion is right: there ARE fundamental differences between them, though he'll never, never offer any evidence to back it up, for with evidence, it'd tend to make the Conservatives, not the Liberals, look good!

Yep. Conservatives are the ones we want to scrupulously, conservatively manage the tax dollars with which we entrust them. They won't get all selfish and waste it like the Librano$$$ do!

The contrast is staggering. The savings are, too!

Smile, Canadians. Your money is in far better hands now! Conservative hands!