Monday, September 10, 2007

Harper: Want To Finish Afghan Job, So No Pullout Vote

Very good. Standing up not only to the Islamic fascists, but also to the loony leftist Opposition.

That's leadership. As opposed to electoral mathematics, as practiced by the loony leftist Opposition, who cares more about their bizarre revolutionary leftist ideology and its spread than about doing the righteous, moral, ethical thing.

Expect the loony left to become even more jerky and spew more slanders and lies at this show of strong leadership.

Wonder what their next nonsensical soundbites will be? It's not hard to see when they come up with new rhetorical tactics, once one gets used to the way they, ah, "think".

If the leftist Opposition thinks they can fight and do well in an election this fall, let them force one. I'd love to see the Liberals in particular do this, as they know that if they do, they're screwed for certain, with a crappy leader who can barely communicate to English Canada and with virtually no money in the bank, plus apparent inside saboteurs following an agenda of getting rid of leader Stephane Dion so someone else can be the Big Giant Poophead. And don't forget the legacy of criminality, corruption, you name it, plus all the skeletons waiting to be yanked out of the closets to demonstrate what a bunch of assholes the Liberals really are.