Friday, September 14, 2007

Make Them Show Faces: Fmr. Elections Canada Boss

One of Elections Canada chief Marc Mayrand's predecessors is ripping into him for being an idiot.

Story here. h/t:

Canada's chief electoral officer should use his discretionary powers to force Muslim women who wear the niqab or the burka to remove their veils to vote in Monday's federal byelections in Quebec, one of Canada's most experienced chief elections officers told MPs yesterday.

Pierre F. Côté, who served for 19 years as Quebec's director general of elections and sparked Quebec's introduction of photo identification, said the elections law should clearly say it is important for a voter to be well identified in order to exercise the right to vote.

(...) "Canada's chief electoral officer should use Section 17 of the law, which allows him, as Quebec's director general of elections did, to make a distinction by obliging veiled women to unveil to exercise their right to vote."

I think that Marc Mayrand is a radical left-wing activist who has no business holding this position. What the hell did he think he was doing? And why can't he admit that he's wrong? Why did he do what he did, when no one asked for him to do it?

He apparently believes he's done the right thing, and that he actually had to do it. Oh, really?

Meanwhile, members of a variety of Muslim groups testified they never asked for any exception to be made for those who choose to wear the niqab or the burka and don't particularly appreciate being dragged into a debate not of their own making.

See? He's even offended Muslims, though he probably thought that voluntary, unrequested appeasement/Dhimmitude would please them. What a moron.

Maybe Muslim women who normally cover their faces will actually vote with faces uncovered to send a message to that idiot Mayrand.