Friday, September 21, 2007

More Judeophobia in Montreal

If this was happening to the Muslims with respect to Mosque-related activities, well, we know it wouldn't happen to the precious, protected Muslims. When is the last time we heard of a local government telling the Muslims they may build a bigger Mosque on swampland?!

But they'll do it just like that to the Jewish people, no problem.

And the bigoted complaints the local Goyim utter... if they had said that stuff about Muslims, they'd be in heap big trouble!

I call it as I see it. Judeophobia.

The Jewish people aren't a threat, nor is their faith.

But we know that there are many Muslims, who, because of their supremacism, imperialism and "Jihad" imperative, are indeed a threat, within Mosques, too. But if we dare say anything in a complaining manner, particularly without any evidence, we just might get arrested or at least summoned before the kangaroo-court "Human Rights Tribunal" or something.

Hey, Judeophobes: If you are too scared to say anything about Muslims, then shut the feck up about everyone else, you hypocrites!

Besides, how can people submit silently to those homosexual parades, which disrupt public life and offend many, yet turn around and complain about another group of people who are merely trying to exercise their rights? The state apparatus would never try to restrict a homosexual parade or a Muslim Day Parade, so why do they persecute the Jewish people, along with the Christians?

It doesn't take too much thought to understand that the left and much of the leftist-bureaucrat-dominated state apparatus are bigots, plainly and simply.