Saturday, September 08, 2007

Infidel Rallies To Be Held in NY to Oppose Provocatively Offensive "Muslim Day Parade"

h/t: Center for Vigilant Freedom

See the United American Committee for details. If you're a New Yorker and oppose Islamic supremacism and imperialism and are angry with the Islamists' decision to hold their precious "Muslim Day" parade just two days before 9/11 and so incredibly close to Ground Zero, then you can be there to register your opposition publicly!

WHAT: Infidel rally 2007! (Counter protest of Islamist parade)

WHEN: Sunday, September 9th, 12:00 Noon

WHERE: New York City, Madison & 41st street to Madison & 23rd.

And Americans Against Hate will be organizing a rally as well. They are protesting the impudently offensive timing and location of the Muslim Day Parade. They also say about America's first Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison's cancelled-under-pressure Grand Marshallship thereof:

(Coral Springs, FL) The Muslim Foundation of America.(MFA) has removed from its website a flyer containing a picture of Congressman Keith Ellison, advertising him as the Grand Marshal of its upcoming 22nd annual Muslim Day Parade taking place in New York City. The flyer was posted to the homepage of the group’s site, last week. A photo of a mosque has taken its place.

According to one blog written by Ellison supporter Abdi Aynte, the Congressman's office claims that he “declined the offer to be the grand marshal a long time ago because he has other obligations in the district.” Yet a flyer announcing Ellison as Grand Marshal of this year’s parade was placed on MFA’s website just last week. The flyer contains a picture of Ellison and reads, “22nd American Muslim Day Parade... Grand Marshall Congressman Keith Ellison and other National Muslim Leaders.”

To those who don't know what's what about Keith Ellison: he has been and still is associated with Islamic extremist and anti-Semitic groups, and unapologetically so. There you have it: America's first Muslim Congressman, and he's an extremist, though, of course, he'll deny it in the face of the facts! And he was going to be Grand Marshall of the provocative Muslim Day Parade, which had been moved from late September way up to just two days prior to the anniversary of the murders by Muslims of some three thousand innocents at the World Trade Center. And their parade is scheduled to be held just blocks from Ground Zero. This is a grave offence, hence the protests thereagainst.

Americans Against Hate’s protest will be taking place in New York City on September 9th.

Protestors are asked to arrive at 12:30 PM. The protest will begin shortly thereafter. Joe Kaufman will be speaking at the event.

The location of the protest will be at the northwest corner of Madison Avenue and 26th street.