Sunday, September 23, 2007

Liberal Brand Badly Tarnished

Even rats stay away from the Liberal Party of Canada

-Liberal Party fast losing favor, especially in Quebec
-Same old, same old corrupt leftwing extremist party
“It’s beyond Stephane Dion. It is the Liberal brand that is tarnished.”
Well, the crooked imbeciles did it to themselves. And just as I said, they hadn't even tried to change. Merely changing their logo and signs won't fool the people into thinking they're any different now than they were during and after all the crooked crap they committed, including ADSCAM.
They remain crooked to the bone, radically-extremely leftist-militant and chock full of extremists on the side of the enemies of our country...
One would necessarily have to be similarly crooked and/or extremist to vote Liberal... or have a mental disorder... or both.
The Liberal Party is radioactive and must be avoided. Even rats won't touch it!