Saturday, September 08, 2007

Brand-New Islamic School in NY Already Gave "Jihad" Lesson

Story here.

h/t: Center for Vigilant Freedom

Yes, already the Madrassa in NY is teaching about the word Jihad. This is clearly an Islamic theology teaching... and it's paid for by the taxpayers! Other religious schools aren't taxpayer-funded. Why an Islamic school?


Department of Education spokesman David Cantor said Gibran's advisory board, assembled by ex-principal Debbie "Intifada is Good" Almontaser, was disbanded.

But that was news to Abdur-Rashid. The imam, who has written on the way white Americans "robbed" Africans and Muslims of their heritage, said he was involved "strictly on the importance of the multi-cultural aspect of the school's curriculum."

Yeah, suuuure. Why should we believe him? To be politically correct, as we shouldn't dare criticize any Muslims at all no matter what? If this was a Christian school teaching controversial Christian theological matters while funded by taxpayers, imagine the ensuing outrage!

It didn't help that the ousted Almontaser, who was replaced as school chief by a Jewish woman, squealed to CNN International yesterday that she wasn't a terrorist - her critics were.

Isn't the pshychiatric term for that behavior "projection"? Calling critics "terrorists" when one personally has made statements in favor of terrorism? I'm now detecting a pattern in which terrorists or terrorist sympathizers are calling their critics terrorists. In fact, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad actually has held an event dubbed "The Muslim World: Victim of Terrorism". Classic Bizarro World stuff!

The most priceless bullshit comes from the school's Chancellor:

"The school is not a religious school in any way, shape or form. It's not a place for political indoctrination in any way, shape or form."

Talk about being in denial.

And I've a message to the terrorists: You are being fiercely opposed. We are NOT submitting. Make no mistake about this.