Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Soldier's Murder Proves Current Counterterror Methods Don't Work

That's right, folks. The way the American authorities currently fight terrorism inside America is ineffective.

The heinous act of Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, 24, formerly Carlos Leon Bledsoe, a prison convert to Islam, is a perfect example of why terrorism cannot be fought using police procedures and is more effectively fought under military auspices. The fact that Muhammad was under FBI surveillance and already under suspicion of possible terrorist activities but got away with murdering one soldier and seriously injuring another is a lesson of how police procedures are prone to failure in stopping terrorism.

Many on the left in America lambasted President Bush for utilizing military tribunals and for his contention that the capture of foreign terrorists was a military matter. They said that these terrorist’s “civil rights” were being violated by the quick military actions and they abhorred the limited availability to legal council such procedures offered to suspects. The solution the left commonly offers is for the full American justice system to be placed at the disposal of foreign terror suspects. The left claims that doing so makes our own actions “consistent” with our traditions of justice.

However, to be consistent with our own civil court system, authorities are required to investigate, gather evidence, vet that evidence with legal council, apply for warrants through judges, and ultimately arrest and try suspects. This is an expensive and time consuming process during which time any number of leaks of information to the press and breakdowns of the system can occur. Sadly, we see these failures in the shooting incident in Arkansas.

It has been learned that Bledsoe, aka Muhammad, was already under investigation by the FBI’s Joint Terrorist Task Force since his return from Yemen.

I've seen no news of Obama condemning this horrific murder. He ferociously condemned the horrific murder of a babykiller, but not this murder. Clearly it demonstrates his true ideological orientation.

Obama: FAIL

Plus it's now reported that the Air France flight that crashed into the Atlantic had been subject to a bomb threat prior to the flight.

SEE ALSO: Source: More Targets Found on Arkansas Shooting Suspect's Computer

A senior U.S. official tells FOX News that more targets were found on computer of a man charged in the fatal shooting Monday at a military recruiting center in Arkansas — suggesting that the shooter may have been part of a larger plot to attack military targets and may not have been acting alone.

Why isn't this capturing the attention of the Elite Media?

Why does the Elite Media prefer instead to obsess over the slain babykiller and give the abortionist extremists lots of coverage for their accusations and defamations against the Pro-Life movement?

Doesn't it make you feel ill?

Want a barf bag?