Sunday, June 07, 2009

Obama Just Another Cynical Politician Breaking Promises

Surprise, eh?

All those hopes dashed.

Some change!

It's true that politicians have always broken promises, but rarely so proudly and with such impunity.

We once respected democracy by at least demanding explanations -- however weak -- for unfulfilled promises. Then we became a country whose scorched-earth campaigns against flip-flopping desensitized us to reversals. Now, we don't flinch when our president appears tickled that a few poor souls still expect politicians to fulfill promises and justify broken ones.

The worst part of this devolution is the centrality of Obama, the prophet of “hope” and “change” who once said that "cynicism is a sorry kind of wisdom." If that's true, then he has become America's wisest man -- the guy who seems to know my kids will laugh when I tell them politicians and voters once believed in democracy and took campaign promises seriously.

Leave it to the Left to try to etch lowered expectations in stone.

But don't expect the Left to get mad that Obama doesn't do for them what he promised, nor should one expect the Old Media to take him to task for breaking his promises.

He's no messiah, no miracle worker. He's not magical or anything. He's just another empty suit with rich peoples' hands up his ass, controlled thereby. Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger now that the Big Guy's surrendered himself to the Far-Left Kennedys.

He's just an actor enjoying an extravagant lifestyle and a bright spotlight.

All he has to do is read whatever's on the teleprompter while looking cool and hot-shee-itty.

He's got it easy. He's got it made. For four years anyway. Wonder if his rich masters will drop him like a hot potato after the voters do? Like they suddenly stopped paying attention to Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore once they turned on the Left-Wing Elites for not stopping the wars as they had promised they would?

And he's screwing up America on the orders of the greedy, amoral rich people who put him into the White House by controlling Old Media propaganda.

What a disappointment, a letdown. What a cream puff, a lemon.

ht: CNR

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