Tuesday, June 09, 2009

More Submission To Fascist Obama Regime By Media

This is just astonishing.

Whatever happened to freedom and liberty? To freedom of the press?

Is this America?

Lamar joins CBS, the No. 1 outdoor advertising company, in prohibiting its salesmen nationwide from accepting leases of billboards for a campaign that asks the simple question, "Where's the birth certificate?"

"We're just not going to accept that copy," Lamar spokesman Hal Kirshaw told WND. "We think it's a settled matter. We think it's misleading to indicate there's any question about the president's birth certificate. We looked at it and we made the call."

Kirshaw said he read "independent media reports" and unnamed "newspaper articles" to make his decision.

What a pisspoor excuse. Kirshaw read a few papers and that cemented his worldview. Imbecile and submissive fool. Un-American moron.

Do read the whole thing. It's not true that there's "no question about" Obama's REAL birth certificate and constitutional eligibility to be President.

The Obamite Legal (and illegal) Brownshirts are really getting to people. What do they threaten to gain submission?

"WND's reporters have investigated this issue more extensively than the rest of the media combined – sending senior staff writer Jerome Corsi to Hawaii and Kenya in search of evidence," said Farah. "We have commissioned private investigators in Honolulu. There is simply no persuasive evidence to affirm Obama's claim to a Hawaiian birth. There is no hospital on the island that will confirm the first black president of the United States was born there. It's all conjecture. And no controlling legal authority in this country has ever asked Obama to provide the proof."

The facts are undeniable. Obama has NOT proven he's eligible to be President.

If there's anyone who can prove he has, then please do so. However, the e-copy of the worthless "Certification of Live Birth" which has been used to make the claim that Obama was born in America... is nothing but a registration of births that frequently actually occur in foreign countries! Like hell, however, the Old Media will dare say so! Do your own research for yourself and try to find any evidence that Obama's eligibility was assessed and confirmed by any authorities in America. You cannot, because it was never done. Believe it or not.

Remember, the Old Media is corrupt, isn't "free" at all. It's owned and controlled by ultra-wealthy, unscrupulous, greedy, powerful folks who don't want the People to know the truth about stuff. This is why it won't do its job like it once used to. It's now nothing more, nothing less, than a propaganda machine for the Democrats, the Obamites and the Extreme Left.

It's time for Americans to wake up and realize that they live under a fascist regime.

You know what I think? Obama was actually born in Kenya, not in America. Therefore he is not the President, as a matter of fact, according to the Constitution of the United States of America, which requires the President to have actually, physically been born within American borders.

As far as I'm concerned, Obama is an impostor. This is why there's such a brobdingnagian effort underway to silence questions as to his eligibility. The truth is so awful, so dangerous, that they'll do whatever it takes to keep it quiet!

The Old Media, I solemnly accuse, is a willing, co-conspiring (yes, conspiring!) party to a dangerous, felonious, treasonous coverup of unprecedented historic magnitude.

Think I'm nuts to be saying this stuff? Then prove it. No one has.

Prove Obama was indeed born inside America and I'll shut the feck up. How's that? Deal?

Come on. Show your proof, if you have it.