Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Mike Duffy Tours, Pulls No Punches For Liberals

He's on the go, getting to know the land.

ht: SDA

He questioned if Canadians are seeing the real Ignatieff, asking, "Is he a multiple personality disorder or something? What is he?"


"The Liberals loved them (attack ads) when they slagged us," said Senator Duffy. "We have to help write the story of Michael Ignatieff."


"I was proud to be a journalist for 40 years but when you get to the other side, you see the media is slanted."

The senator is not reluctant to point out what he describes as a strong liberal bias in the media, referencing both the Globe and Mail and CBC.


"You know what made me a partisan? The Liberals."

I like this guy. He understands stuff really well.

And he understands the stakes and what has to be done to keep those Liberals from coming back to power.