Wednesday, June 10, 2009

In Addition To All The Other Deaths Due To Socialized Medicine


Nothing new about people dying because of the horrific nature of socialized medicine, rationing and waiting lines.

Indeed, this is a serious and unfortunate situation.

But surely everyone saw it coming. After all, nuclear power plants aren't built to last safely forever, and do get shut down.

No one had the foresight to build a new one to take over for the old one which produced medical isotopes.

We can't only blame the current government. The previous one, the Liberal one, must also share blame.

Ditto the media.

Ditto the medical community who realized that this situation would one day arise, yet didn't lobby for a new nuclear power plant to back it all up.

And before anyone thinks of criticizing me, I know something about medical isotopes and cancer diagnosis.

And about the deadly slowness of the socialized medical system.

The system dragged its feet for months, months, and months for my father.

He had cancer. Obvious tumors were found. But it was months and months before cancer was diagnosed. Then it was some time before staging assessment was available (which used medical isotopes, via a PET scan).

Finally the staging diagnosis procedure was done.

Unfortunately, my father never had the opportunity to learn that the diagnosis was that it was terminal. Two days later it was too late.

See? It's not just the medical isotopes that's the problem.

It's the socialized medical system. It simply doesn't work adequately anymore and it claims lives because it's too slow to respond to many people.

And this is the kind of system that Obama wants to impose on America.