Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Ezra Levant weighs in on the This-is-Ignatieff ads.

ht: Canadian News Reader (just added to my daily-check-it-out list!)

Ezra discusses the desperation of the Big Media, who can't attack the ads on the basis of facts, so they try to make stuff up.

Like inexplicably claiming that the word "cosmopolitan" is somehow anti-Semitic. Of course, Ezra points out that Ignatieff himself called himself "cosmopolitan"...

I agree that the Big Media keeps on trying to say bad stuff about the ads because they're working.

I suspect that the Big Media and the Left-leaning pollsters are also colluding to commit polls that cleverly manipulate findings with such things as "oversampling" certain provinces (like Quebec, which tends to he heavily leftist), to try to make folks think that the ads are "backfiring". I'd take the "backfiring" claims with a grain of salt, as I've learned to do so over the years.