Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tell It Like It Is Or The Islamic Jihadists Win

It's ok to say the "M-word", meaning Muslim, when talking about terrorism. In fact, we must use this word when talking about most terrorism. Certainly when there's evidence that it's connected to fascist Islam.

This article discusses the folly of being in denial of reality.

And I concur with it.

If we refuse to accept that, yes, Islam is a huge, huge part of terrorism and that millions of Muslims do indeed hate us and want us dead because we're different, then the terrorists win.

If we pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan, moreover, before the mission has been accomplished and the Islamic fascists will be effectively fought off by the new governments of those countries, then the terrorists win. The terrorists want the Free World liberals, MSM and politicians to stop believing in the mission, which is to fight evildoers and prevent them from once again occupying these countries, enslaving, torturing, raping and murdering their people and preparing for new attacks on the Free World in the name of Allah. The terrorists want us to pull out so that they can go back to the business of tyrannizing innocents in those nations and of planning new 9/11s. Why on earth would we commit suicide by leaving and letting our mortal enemies return there to prepare for their return to our lands to kill us?