Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Thieving, Extremist, Appeasenik Liberals Showing True Faces

I hereby accuse the Liberal Party of Canada...

To start off, it has come to light in court that the Liberal Party, while in power, STOLE THIRTY BILLION DOLLARS, whichever way one looks at it, from the taxpayers and from the pension plans of civil servants, including the RCMP and the Canadian Forces.

Clearly, this happened actually before they passed a bill making such confiscation of funds legal, therefore, they're guilty of the theft of thirty billion dollars for the purpose of making their fiscal record look better than it is.

They engaged in "creative accounting practices", they cooked the books, fudged the numbers, doctored the documents... all the while neglecting to change the numbers in the public service's pension plan books, creating the false illusion that the money was still in the pension plan kitty.

As far as I'm concerned, the Liberal Party of Canada has commited fraud to the tune of thirty BILLION dollars.

If this isn't proof of organized crime, then nothing possibly ever could be.

So sue me for delivering my message with my opinion on the Liberals' behavior as government. I ain't got no money. The stinking bums already took far too much anyway!

Now, let's look at this. The Liberals, along with the other hard-left extremist Opposition parties, have terminated the very laws brought in by the Liberals themselves as government following the 9/11 terrorist catastrophe in the United States.

They have placed politics, dogmatic hard-left politically-correct fascism and electoral calculations ahead of the security of Canada and Canadians.

Therefore, they've taken an astonishing, and incredibly dangerous, gamble: if there is a terrorist attack inside of Canada, and it is apparent that it could have been prevented, had the government still been able to do so, then the Liberal Party of Canada will be held responsible. And so will the equally ultra-extreme leftist NDP and the Bloc Quebecois.

Only one lone Liberal, Tom Wappel, had the courage and integrity to dare to break ranks and vote to maintain the critically-important laws. Congratulations, Mr. Wappel! Over a dozen more Liberals abstained, to their credit, but shame on them for still refusing to take a stand, instead being too cowardly to tell that stinking dork, Stephane Dion, what they think of his extremism!

Now, let's look here.

The Liberals are feigning offence now that they've been fingered, rightly, for having extremists within their ranks who've exerted pressure on them to stand down in the face of the imminent threat of terrorism.

The Liberals are in no position to complain.

First, they've always slurred the Conservatives and their predecessor parties as being all kinds of terrible things, including "extremist". So their protests and demand for an apology are reprehensible and laughable. I hope no one ever loses his balls and apologizes to these extremist harborers!

Second, I recall Islamists Pulling Lib Leader Dion's Puppetstrings? as foundation for the charge of harboring extremists who want Canada to be unable to prevent terrorist attacks.

The bottom line: Don't vote Liberal.