Monday, February 19, 2007

Butt Out, United Nations

How dare the evil-regime-hijacked-and-controlled United Nations probe Canada's attempts to defend her national security while turning the other cheek on the mountain range of continuous human rights violations of many of its non-Free-World member nations?

Butt out, UN! Don't you dare criticize our completely legal exercising of defence of national security! Your probe is completely hypocritical considering the fact that you're not probing your own non-Free-World member nations, which you know full well to be demonic compared to Canada.

You know full well as well that Mr. Arar has been given an apology from the Canadian government and compensated very well for what he allegedly went through, therefore the matter shouldn't concern you at all.

Yet you dare probe us anyway? Inexplicable! Unacceptable! Go probe North Korea, China, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, the so-called "Palestinian Authority", Zimbabwe, Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, and on and on and on!

Did I mention Syria, by the way? Mr. Arar says the Syrians tortured him, not Canada! But Canada gets probed? Did we torture Mr. Arar? No!

Go after the Islamic World. Go after the Communist nations. Go after all nations known for not having human rights at all!

You, the United Nations, are plainly unbelievable! Your hypocrisy is unmatched in world history!

You are even worse than the worthless League of Nations was! You are actually a destructive organization that promotes and protects the violation of human rights in the non-Free World!

"United Nations Anti-Racism Panel"? Laughable! Might as well have a Ku Klux Klan Anti-Racism Panel, an Islamofascist Anti-Racism Panel, a North Korean Anti-Racism Panel, a Zimbabwean Anti-Racism Panel... hell, why not have David Duke and Ernst Zundel probe Canada?

Anti-Racist? United Nations? My ass!

Down with the United Nations!

I note, by the way, that the Canoe News article positively, affirmatively says that Mr. Arar "was tortured and imprisoned", without knowing for sure, citing only a determination by some inquiry, which I doubt could possibly have seen conclusive proof and probably just decided, out of political correctness, to believe Mr. Arar's claims. What, did Syria let the inquisitors butt their noses into that country, turning over every stone and leaf? I seriously doubt that!

Contrast this with the MSM's scrupulous use of the word "allegedly" or the words "claimed he was tortured" or similar wording before mentioning what William Sampson went through in Saudi Arabia, which, by the way, wasn't probed by the United Nations "Anti-Racism" Panel, either!

Did I miss the proof that Mr. Arar was, indeed, tortured? Anyone got a link to any concrete proof?

Why does the MSM assume that this Arab Muslim Canadian-Syrian suspected by the U.S. as a possible terrorist is necessarily telling the truth but they doubt White, Christian, Canadian-British William Sampson is necessarily telling the truth?

Geez- the world is so awesomely stupid and insane...

Canada is the bad guy? Syria and Saudi Arabia are good guys?

Am I in Hell?