Friday, February 23, 2007

Chretien Flunky: We Signed Kyoto Knowing We Couldn't Meet Target

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I see that Jean Chretien, via proxy, is still trying to tell us what to think and what to do, with clever, slick language, beginning with a sort-of admission that the Liberal government previously had signed the Kyoto Protocol despite knowing that they could not meet the targets (never mind the manipulative excuses/unproven explanations the proxy provides).

No wonder they didn't do a bloody thing. They never intended to do anything, obviously... it's all politics. I suspect it's another of the Chretch's clever little schemes to have saddled his successor, Paul Martin, with something impossible, thus forcing Paul Martin to suffer the consequences of an impossible agreement on something with no real foundation holding it up. Brilliant, Jean. Brilliant! You take credit for being a "good Prime Minister for the environment" while really not being so, just because you signed a big, fancy document prior to retirement, developing no action plan, doing nothing other than hire Rick Mercer to do a commercial to tell the "pipples" to "do their part", to "take the challenge". Well, you old pipple, you didn't do yours, nor did you take the challenge. It was all a way of "getting" Big Paulie, obviously.

Well, now it's the new Conservative government who has to deal with Jean Chretien's stupid bullshit, on top of all the other stupid bullshit the old Cretch left for them, which will take a helluva long time to shovel and deal with.

Not only that, Chretien's henchman, Eddie Goldenberg, has arrogantly, dogmatically told Alberta what to do, continuing the vicious anti-Alberta campaign of the Chretien era:

He advised the business community to be "visionary" instead of obstructionist. Specifically, he said Alberta's energy industry, which would be hit hardest by emission reductions, should stop resisting and start developing the green technologies that would allow for more sustainable development of the oil sands.

Ah! Obviously it's also about Alberta (never mind that shutting down all oil-related industry in Alberta wouldn't even come anywhere near bringing Canada into compliance with the draconian, impossible-without-economic-and-national-unity-catastrophe Kyoto target).

This is the kind of people we're dealing with in the Liberals. In fact, their current "leader", Stephane Dion, is one of them in terms of belonging to the exclusive club of Chretienites and in terms of being their puppet, unable to think for himself, set priorities, have a coherent, consistent position or vision on anything.

These guys really could care less about national unity. I suspect it's all about Quebecois supremacism. (Don't forget about Stephane Dion's refusal to relinquish his French citizenship and his stubborn, arrogant refusal to learn to speak English properly so he can communicate with the majority of Canadians in their own language).

To top it off, through flunky Goldenberg, Chretien has also just tried to tell the new Conservative government what to do, as if it mattered any more what the Chretien folks think (hmm... I see what's going on here... Stephane Dion cannot do the job of being Liberal Leader, so a former Liberal leader, via a proxy flunky, is playing the de-facto Official Opposition, going over the "Leader's" head... eww... how can Dion allow himself to be used and ignored like this? What a pansy! This guy is not prime ministerial material... hell, he wasn't even anywhere near decent Environment Minister material, either! He's good for one thing only: arguing with separatists in Quebec, himself having actually used to be one!). The latest Chretien nonsense comes in the form of the following bullshit (note that, since Dion finds it too difficult to set priorities, the Chretienites are doing it for him, bypassing the Leader himself:
He said the federal government needs to invest in three priorities – climate change, infrastructure and higher learning – none of which will come cheap. Hence, Goldenberg said the government needs to ask if it can continue to afford further personal tax cuts, debt repayments and unconditional cash transfers to the provinces.

Canadians need to realize that Stephane Dion's Liberals are just a puppet of the old Chretien regime and that a vote for the Liberals is effectively a vote to bring back the terrible Chretien era of corruption, cavaler incompetence, divisiveness, massive wasting of too-high tax dollars, ADSCAM, the near-loss of the separation referendum via doing nothing to debunk separatist claims, unmitigated greed, bullying, manipulation, appeasement of evildoers, Israel-bashing, America-bashing, Quebecois supremacism, flip-flopping, hypocrisy, ultra-extreme, ill-advised leftwing social reengineering via court rulings and whipped votes, and on and on and on and on ad infinitum!

Don't ever forget, either, that the Liberals have three dozen criminal investigations still being conducted into their actions while in power! That's a serious cause for grave concern as to this party, if not alarm.

Point is: Kyoto/climate change alarmism is a scam. A Liberal-left scam. And that Stephane Dion's Liberals are controlled by the old Chretien mob, with all the greed and corruption and everything continuing unmitigated, as we see in Stephane Dion's chauffeur's exorbitant, unreasonable hotel bill, for one thing, which demonstrates that the Librano$ haven't changed a bloody bit and continue to waste our money even after being thrown out of power!

The Librano mob is still active behind the scenes... pulling the puppetstrings of the hapless Stephane Dion.