Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dion Makes a Big, Fat Stink

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion, above, liberally rips off a whopper of a stinker for the pleasure of his freakazoid minions. Michael Ignatieff, to Stephanie's right, appears ready to blow chunks... well, look where he's sitting... pyyyeeeew!

Seriously, what really happened there is that the Liberals were applauding themselves for kissing Stephanie's skinny pansy bottom as he forced them to vote to terminate Canada's ability to protect her national security from terrorists. See the post above this one for more on just how bad Stephanie and flunkies smell!

Above: the Soviet Canuckistani Snow Monkeys are terrified, thanks to Stinky Stephanie Dion and his scary stupidity!

The white stuff? Smoke & radioactive fallout, maybe. Not that the Liberals care, anyway!

Stephanie again, shrugging: he obviously could care less.

Behold: the Neville Chamberlain of Canada, 2007: Peace in our time, eh?