Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Muzis Gleefully Desecrate Many NonMuslim Holy Sites, MSM Ignores

If Muslim holy sites are claimed by Muslims to have been desecrated by Israel, the MSM would be telling us a whole lot about the claims, nearly suggesting that it's "very likely" the truth and all.

But when the Muslims wilfully, gleefully desecrate non-Muslim holy sites, I learn about it, not from the MSM, but rather from World Net Daily, a non-MSM online news outlet I've noticed that leftsts dismiss out of hand as if it was invalid, without making any case thereto... and from The American-Israeli Patriot.

Let's look at this example of Muslim desecration of nonMuslim holy sites.


The ruins of two large synagogues in Gush Katif, the evacuated Jewish communities of the Gaza Strip, have been transformed into a military base used by Palestinian groups to fire rockets at Israeli cities and train for attacks against the Jewish state, according to a senior terror leader in Gaza.

(The world, the MSM, the UN... don't seem to care worth a damn about anyone but the very important, supposedly, but definitely not, "peaceful, tolerant" Muslims, apparently)


Immediately after the Israeli evacuation was completed, Palestinians mobs destroyed most of the Gaza synagogues, including two major synagogues in Neve Dekalim, the largest Gush Katif community. In front of international camera crews, the Palestinians ripped off aluminum window frames and metal ceiling fixtures from the Neve Dekalim synagogues, which were situation close to each other in the center of town. Militants flew the Palestinian and Hamas flags from the structures before mobs burned down the synagogues.

Speaking to WND from Gaza, Abu Abir, spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees terrorist organization, said the area where the synagogues once stood now is used to fire rockets at Israel.

See, world? This is the kind of people the Muslims, the "Palestinians" are. They clearly don't want peace. They take a generous offer of personal, political, national and religious sacrifice by Israel and turn it into an opportunity for demonstrating their hatred for non-Islamic religion, comitting murder, waging offensive war against a country that has done nothing but prove over and over again, particularly with the evacuation of Samaria ("Gaza"), that it wants peace while simultaneously, with incredible restraint and pulled punches, fending off illegal, Islamically-motivated attacks on innocent Israelis, particularly Jewish ones.

Let's look at another example, this one the desecration by the Muslims, the "Palestinians", of the tomb of Joseph, father of Jesus.


The recent events surrounding the Temple Mount are well documented. The Moslem outrage over the new "Jewish Plot" to destroy al-Aqsa is off the decibel meter. Of course, as you can see here, their claims are totally unfounded. There is no such plan. The Jews respect the holy sites of others. Every church and mosque in Israel is protected.

What the Palestinians fear is that the Israelis will treat Moslem "holy places" in the same manner that the Ishmaelites treat Jewish holy sites. As a reminder, I bring you Joseph's Tomb, located in the West Bank town of Shechem. Joseph died in Egypt, before the Exodus; some 3500 years ago. His body was carried all the way from Egypt in order to be buried in the Holy Land. Over the past 3000 years, his grave has been a landmark in Israel. Jews have traveled from the four corners of the earth to say a prayer at this holy place.

In October 2000, as part of the Oslo Accords, the city of Shechem was turned over to the Palestinian Authority. The Accords stated that until a final agreement was reached, Joseph's Tomb was to remain under Israeli control. That wasn't good enough for the Pals who invaded and destroyed the holy site. The heartbreaking pictures follow below.

Go to The American-Israeli Patriot to see the pictures of Muslims "respecting" non-Muslim holy sites.


Remembering the Ancient Synagogue of Jericho


On the night of October 12, 2000, Palestinian rioters broke into the synagogue, which at the time was under "Palestinian Authority protection" and destroyed it. The wooden structure was burned to the ground. The Torah was miraculously saved from the flames.


Incredibly, inexplicably, saddeningly, and... angering... the evil "United Nations" chooses to investigate Israel, not "Palestine", for allegedly not respecting Muslim holy sites! Based on nothing but trumped-up claims by the Muslims, the "Palestinians", against Israel.


Where is the UN when synagogues are burned throughout France? Where is the UN when cemeteries are desecrated throughout Germany? Are those countries investigated for "lack of preservation" of holy sites? What about Joseph's Tomb, or the Synagogue of Jericho? Where the Pseudostinians investigated?

I received comments on my last two posts from people who were unaware of the abominations that took place at Joseph's Tomb and Jericho. Not really surprising since the MSM, or Moslem Sensitive Media refuses to cover such events.

Respect Islam? Forget about it. What am I, a politician, a diplomat? No; therefore I don't have to. I needn't submit to the fascism of either the supremacistic death cult of Islam or dogmatic leftwing political correctness.

A "Palestinian state"? Ask the Muslims if they want one. Then ask them if they want one if Israel will be next door. The two responses, you'll find, will be different. And will tell you the truth about these supremacists popularly euphemized as "Palestinians".

The solution is not a "two-state" solution. Because it's impossible as long as the Muslims are programmed, not to build a "Palestine", not to declare themselves a sovereign, independent country, but to simply exist in a geographical region as Muslims, as "shaheeds", to wage jihad for the purpose of "getting rid of Israel"... just because Israel isn't an Islamic theocratic regime, like the rest of the countries in the Middle East, and this is unacceptable to the intolerant, supremacistic, imperialist and barbarously murderous Islamic World.

Just the facts, and nothing but the facts.

Don't agree? Then disprove. Or make a fool of yourself trying in delusional, zealous vain.