Friday, February 16, 2007

Ontario Liberals Haven't Banned Sharia Law Yet

Above: an example of the type of punishment prescribed by Sharia Law.

Below: another form of punishment administered under Sharia Law. Is this a Canadian value?

"Liberal" Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty. Why hasn't he banned Sharia Law yet, one year after the legislation was granted Royal Assent?

Incredible! We thought the Ontario Liberal government of Dalton "Psycho" McGuinty had banned Sharia Law in Ontario.

Apparently they actually haven't! Holy sh...! WTF!

What are they, insane? Dhimmi?

Amid a furor over a proposal to allow sharia law to settle civil disputes, more than a year ago Attorney General Michael Bryant issued a press release saying proposed amendments to the Abitration Act would mean there would be "one law for all Ontarians."

Oddly, although the changes were passed Feb. 14, 2006 and given royal assent shortly thereafter, they have not formally been proclaimed into law.

One year later, in Ontario, techically, Sharia Law is actually not illegal.

A spokesman for the Muslim Canadian Congress, (MCC) a group that opposes sharia law, said he is surprised and alarmed that the law hasn't been enacted.

"All over the Muslim world, people want to get away from it, (sharia law)" said Tarek Fatah in a telephone interview yesterday.

What possible reason could the so-called "Liberals" of Dalton "Psycho" McGuinty possibly have for allowing the extraordinarily intolerant, merciless, frequently grievously, heinously brutal and lethal, especially towards women, Sharia Law?

Political correctness?

Cavalier uncaringness, typical of hardcore liberals?



Hatred of women?

Did they all convert to fundamentalist Islam without telling us?

Why? Why? Why?

Sharia Law.

In Ontario.

One year later after it was supposedly banned.

I did not make this up.
Choose your Ontario.

Choose your Canada.

Reject Sharia Law.
Reject the Dalton McGuinty "Liberal" Party.