Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Liberals Will Pay & Will Never Return to Power": PM Harper

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, above right, has a meal with the brave men and women of the Canadian Forces on the frontlines of the war against the barbarous, infinitely-evil Taliban in Afghanistan

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(...)Prime Minister Stephen Harper berated the Liberals for choosing "internal caucus politics over the national security of Canadians."
"Any party that doesn't take the national security of Canadians seriously will never be chosen by Canadians to form the government of Canada," he said outside the Commons.
The Conservative government will definitely still do all in its power to protect the national security of Canada. Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day promises:
"We will get to work with our justice officials and security officials and our caucus members and we will look at continuing to find ways to protect Canadians against terrorism and against crime."
One thing is for sure: the Conservative government of Stephen Harper is not defeatist. The Liberals' and other hard-left parties' termination of the very counterterrorism laws the Liberals themselves brought in following 9/11, which they apparently have forgotten about by now, nor their scuttling of the Conservatives' get-tough-on-crime legislation, will not deter nor prevent the government from fighting the jihadists and other terrorists and evildoers to prevent them from attacking Canada and Canadians!
We will not submit! Not to the Islamic fascists, nor to the ultra-extreme left!
Stand up for Canada! Stand up for freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights!