Friday, February 09, 2007

Mississippi Passes Bill Banning Abortion

Just reporting what happened.

Yes, Mississippi has passed a bill banning most abortions.


JACKSON, Miss. (BP)--Mississippi's Senate easily passed a bill Feb. 7 banning most abortions, becoming the first legislative body this year to adopt a measure challenging Roe v. Wade.

Other states, including South Dakota and Utah, also are considering abortion bans.

Mississippi's bill, which would ban abortion except in cases of rape, incest and to save the mother's life, passed with a bipartisan vote of 35-4. It now goes to the state House, which passed an abortion ban last year but may not view the bill so favorably this year. According to The Jackson Clarion-Ledger, House Public Health and Human Services Chairman Steve Holland said he had no intention of considering the bill.


The Mississippi bill says "every human being, including those in utero, possesses a natural intrinsic right to live and has an interest in life." It also says the abortion procedure is "inherently dangerous to the psychological and physical health of the woman."

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Well, this is interesting. Granted, it's not a given that it'll pass the State Senate, but do note the fact that the bill passed in a bipartisan vote of 35-4 and the Senate appears split over it, so it could go either way.

And it raises the question: who decides whether an unborn human being is or isn't a human being? Why is it accepted by the left that leftists declare, as if playing God, that a human being isn't human up to a specific point? Where do they get the logic? What gives them the right to say that a human being isn't a human being? Is it an "inconvenient truth" which they want to deny? How is it a "right to choose" to commit murder just because a minority of people want to believe that a human being isn't human just because he/she hasn't yet been born? How can anyone make such a conclusion on a mere medical technicality? Where does it end? What if someone is born a certain way, and the left is uncomfortable with them? Will they then declare that such people aren't human, paving the way to their execution in some clinic?

Tell me: what makes a human being a human being? And who is anyone to deem thereto? How is it so hard to see what is and isn't human? Human is human... that's that... no need to explain... we just know. But it seems that some don't want to accept some humans as human, therefore robbing them of the right to live. Hmm... right to "choose"... right to live... who says which outweighs the other? What logic goes into that? Why is it that an absolutely innocent human, in the eyes of leftists, has no right whatsoever to live, but someone like Charles Manson, Paul Bernardo, Karla Homolka, Saddam Hussein, etc. is deemed by the left as having an absolute right to live? I see a bizarre inconsistency here! It is not logical, not rational, the leftist position. And I'm not afraid to say so.

I'm reminded of Nazi ideology. They deemed who was and wasn't human. And we know what they did after making their classifications.

Society must begin to tell us all: if you don't want to have a baby, then don't engage in sexual intercourse. If you, however, insist on intercourse, then one of the "partners" must get sterilized, as that is the only totally effective form of birth control and there won't be any surprises that way. Is that so hard to understand? Are there so many people out there who'll just go ahead and do the horizontal mambo with the full knowledge that they might conceive despite not wanting to? Ah, complete abstinence isn't even needed- people can do plenty of other stuff- just don't eat the cherry on top of the sundae... the cherry on top is purely optional, after all... know what I mean? It isn't whether you cross home plate... it's whether you played well and enjoyed the game. Don't worry about making a home run... there might be a surprise beyond home plate... just be smart and enjoy the game... and be safe.

Just expressing my thoughts on the matter. It's ok to have different thoughts if you wish.

Anyone who doesn't feel either strongly pro-life or doesn't feel at least a bit conflicted on the issue and is totally and irrevocably infanticide-proponent... worries me... so it's ok to feel conflicted and not submit to political correctness. It's human to care about the innocent and helpless.

You know, speaking my mind despite political correctness is so liberating...