Thursday, October 08, 2009

'Where Is Your God Now?' Cop Says After Persecuting Christians

The Blueshirts are out in force.

They're gunning for Christians. Heil, heil Fuhrer Obama! Obamalandlied ueber alles! Down with Christians!

Next, they'll come for the Joooos and then for just anyone who doesn't heil Obama and his oppressive, tyrannical, national-socialist, Islamo-GLBT-fascist, anti-JudeoChristian agenda!

Story here.

On Aug. 4, 2008, Mark Frost, Jayson Gardner, and Craig Gardner were preaching to pedestrians on Ocean Boulevard in Hampton Beach. Because of the loud noise emanating from a rock concert at the beach boardwalk, the men rolled up a piece of paper to speak through so they could be heard. They were then approached by a police officer who informed them that they were in violation of a town noise ordinance, even though the men were preaching in an extremely noisy area and were told to stay quiet and stop using their paper “megaphone.”

The men complied with the request and moved to a different location two blocks away, where they preached without the rolled up paper and sang the Christian song “He Set Me Free.” The same officer reappeared and arrested Frost and Jayson Gardner for being too loud. While in custody, the police asked the men, “Where is your God now? There’s no God behind these walls.”

The men were subsequently charged with disorderly conduct under state law instead of being cited under the town’s noise ordinance. The Hampton District Court dismissed the charges, but as a result of the arrest, Frost and Gardner have not exercised their constitutional right to free speech on public sidewalks in Hampton for fear of arrest because of the arbitrary enforcement of the state law.
Too loud? Like feck- the place was already "extremely noisy". To pick on Christians, but not on others "being too loud", is nothing short of discrimination, of persecution, on the basis of religion!

The charges were dismissed and a lawsuit has been launched.

I'd say the cop is guilty of a "hate crime", due to the fact that he taunted the persecuted individuals with a reductive, hateful statement designed to diminish them. I say fire him and throw Obama's "hate crimes" legislation at him to send a message to other Hard-Left, Christianophobe cops like him! Ah, never happen, though. The "hate crimes" law only applies to when people simply say "Hey, fag!" or something like that. It won't apply to cops arresting Christians for being Christian and hatefully saying to them, "Where is your god now?".

They never, never persecute homosexuals, neo-communists nor Muslims for expressing their beliefs in public! Oh, no... these folks generally get police protection!

Show me ONE example of homosexuals, neo-communists or Muslims being arrested in America for simply standing on a sidewalk and expressing their beliefs. Just ONE!