Monday, October 26, 2009

Ivory Tower Neo-Nazis... Today

A must-read.

History isn't exactly "repeating itself". It's just continuing, hardly-changed. The "academics" apparently ignored the declaration "Never Again".

It's as if Hitler was still in power, and his worldwide followership is as strong as ever.

I knew there was a core reason why the Obamacrat Regime is shoving aside Israel and embracing her anti-Jew mortal enemies. And pushing for world dominance global governance.

It wouldn't be too far-off to declare today's "progressive" ideology to be the real neo-Nazi movement of today.

Now I really don't want to go back to university. I so dislike those neo-Nazis, those Jew-haters.

And I cannot help but recall that economics professor of mine who kept making me read drivel by Noam Chomsky, and actually brought the Evil Cunning Linguist to campus, where I saw the two strolling (nope, not goosestepping) down the hallway, seemingly cackling... And, yup, this professor is an obsessive propagator of "the distribution of income", never, never missing an opportunity to get us talking about it... In fact, it was a question in every assignment and every examination or essay...

Now let's shout out to Warren Kinsella, who's been looking in the wrong places to find neo-Nazis, such as toilet stalls. I see he has another stupid video up today. He's wearing the same Che Guevara hat he wore when hatefully slurring the Chinese restaurant owners as catmeat-servers. Straitjacket and tranq dart, please! Why does the old bird have a dead bird on his shoulder? Is he some kind of delusional nutcase?